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Withdrawal of State aid to housing savings funds

This means that once the President of the Republic approves and signs the amendment, customers will only be able to sign a home savings contract without the 30 percent state subsidy, which has been the greatest attraction for them.

Since yesterday, lines have been burning and long lines have been in the branches of the savings banks. Many people take the last minute to open a home savings account, as they can still benefit from a maximum of $ 100 a year in state aid for contracts signed yesterday and today. For a 10-year contract, this could be $ 10,000.

What do I need to know about the change?

What do I need to know about the change?

State aid to housing savings funds will be abolished in an ascending system, so those who currently have a live contract will not lose state aid.

Those who plan to open a housing savings account in the future in the hope of being subsidized need to make a quick decision, either by concluding the contract within a day or two, or losing out on state aid and looking for another form of housing savings.

The most important question is: how long can you sign a home savings contract with state aid?


In a nutshell: until the law comes into force. This will happen when the President of the Republic, János Áder, has also signed the amendment. In view of the expedited procedure, it is possible that this will be done this week and that the law on the termination of State aid will be in force. We’ll show you what you have at the last minute so you don’t have to give up on state aid.

You can still sign a contract today: the current change proposal does not specify which date will be taken into account, so based on current knowledge, we can assume that the bid date will be decisive. So if the bid is made before the law comes into force, we may be eligible for state aid.

You can share an existing contract

You can share an existing contract

You can share your existing contracts with more close relatives if they do not already have such savings. This step has helped save you from opening an account so far (since the monthly deposit amount is split, but there is no obstacle to raising it), but the real benefit now is that the split contracts are the same in all respects, so at the start date .

You can change your maturity: extend your short-term savings, but keep an eye on deadlines here too. In the case of a modification after its entry into force, the State aid will be valid for the period prior to the extension, but not for the extended period. The amendment to the law does not explicitly provide for ongoing extension requests.

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