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Tim Ryan faces criticism for his ties to a teachers’ union that allegedly promoted sexually explicit content

Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan is being criticized for his ties to a teachers’ union that created badges to wear for public school employees in an Ohio school district, which included a QR code linking to websites promoting information and graphic descriptions of sexual practices.

Earlier this week, local reports surfaced that the National Education Association (NEA), America’s largest teachers’ union, was providing educators in the Hilliard City School District with “LGBTQ + Ally” badges. The badges, which feature a QR code linking to content that many parents in the district consider explicit and unsuitable for young children, are supported by the NEA and the Hilliard Education Association (HEA), according to a photo obtained by Fox News Digital.

The badges read “Safe Person Safe Space” and the QR codes on one side of them lead curious minds to the “NEA LGBTQ+ Caucus” website which has many links to sources such as Sex, Etc., Gender Spectrum , Scarleteen, Teen Health Source, and The Trevor Project.

One of Teen Health Source’s linked resources, titled “Queering Sexual Education”, includes a how-to guide with explicit language for sexual practices, including “anal sex”, “bondage”, “sexting”, “rimming”, “domination, “sadomasochism”, “muffing” and “fisting”.

Lisa Chaffee, a parent in the Hilliard City School District who is also the director of Ohio Parents Rights in Education, insisted that Ryan had “authorized” the NEA to insert the “toxic material” into classrooms at the school district.

“We fight relentlessly to remove this toxic material from our children’s classrooms, but the teachers’ unions we face have been relentless in their efforts to indoctrinate our children,” Chaffee said in a statement provided to Fox. NewsDigital. “At the end of the day, it’s Democratic politicians like Tim Ryan who empower these teachers’ unions.”

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Tim Ryan is facing criticism for his ties to the teachers’ union which allegedly promoted sexually explicit content to teenagers

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