Anti-Farmer Land Bill Amendment: Congressman: The Tribune India

Chandigarh, December 18

Qualifying the amendment to the 2021 bill on the right to fair compensation and transparency in the acquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement of land as anti-farmers, anti-tenants and anti-poor, Congressman Kiran Choudhry said it would spawn crony capitalism and go against the essence. of the 2013 law, which was “benevolent” and cared for all stakeholders.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Choudhry said she opposed the Haryana-2021 amendment bill in the Assembly, but the Treasury banks were adamant to pass it without taking the point of view of the opposition. “It is a black law because it is anti-farmer and pro-business. In line with the withdrawal of the three black farm laws, this should also be repealed. “

“The Haryana Amendment Act gives the collector draconian powers to announce rewards without visiting the site or having homes vacated from acquired properties without 48 hours notice and opening up irrigated land to multiple crops for acquisition.” by the company. “

Declaring the bill was not among those passed and then tabled in the House, she said the government must repeal it to save itself from embarrassment. “It should be withdrawn or brought back to the Assembly for discussion again.” – TNS

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