Anti-Ron DeSantis group targets governor’s ‘inhuman’ support for anti-abortion law

Govt. Ron DeSantis‘Support for anti-abortion legislation, including its interest in a Texas-style bill in Florida that would ban abortion as early as six weeks pregnant, is the subject of a digital update by a group to oust the governor in the next election year.

Monday, anti-DeSantis political action committee Remove Ron posted a video (visible below) describing the so-called “heartbeat bill” of Texas – and a bill like this now moves through the Florida legislature – as “inhuman”, among other pejoratives.

The video opens with a narrator reading quotes from some of the nation’s biggest media: “This has been called cruel, a violation, the most radical abortion law in America. Now…”

He then switches to a TV news anchor talking about the Texas bill, who entered into force on September 1.

“Some are wondering if Florida will be the next state to pass a similar abortion law,” he says.

Another journalist intervenes. “The answer, in a nutshell, is yes,” said the reporter. “They’re already working on a Florida version of this Texas abortion law, and the governor tells me he’s okay with that.”

A DeSantis clip will then appear on the screen. “I’m pro-life,” he says. “I welcome the pro-life legislation. “

Then the voiceover returns.

“Really, Ron?” The narrator berates as pictures of Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and the US Senator. Susan collins from Maine, who both have criticized the bill, flash on the screen. “Even some Republicans call the Texas abortion law extreme, inhumane and unconstitutional. So what else do you have to say about this, Ron? “

Response from DeSantis: “What they did in Texas was interesting… and I’ll take a closer look. “

The video then details some key aspects of the bill. It’s the strictest anti-abortion law in the country, prohibiting doctors from performing an abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be from six weeks in a pregnancy and before some women know it they are pregnant.

There are no exceptions for rape and incest.

Another detail omitted from the video: the Texas abortion bill, as well as his Florida clone, does not empower state law enforcement agencies to enforce its rules. Instead, it allows private citizens to sue for up to $ 10,000 per abortion anyone who “performed or caused” an abortion, including those who “aided or abetted” the person receiving or performing the procedure.

“We know where you are at, Ron,” the voiceover of the video said before DeSantis was shown onscreen again, repeating, “I’m pro-life. I welcome pro-life legislation.

The video then warns, “Next year the women of Florida will show you where we are. “

The new Remove Ron ad follows Friday’s announcement from the U.S. Supreme Court that he would revise the Texas bill. Pleadings begin on November 1.

Prior to the announcement, the Supreme Court had maintained a hands-off approach. But the court was invited to intervene late last week following court challenges from the US Department of Justice and Texas abortion providers, who argued the restrictions violated the landmark Roe court ruling. v. Wade and subsequent decisions.

Meanwhile, the Republican Representative for the State of Florida. Webster Barnabas‘s “Florida Heartbeat Act”Now awaits the review by the Chamber Professions & Public Health Sub-committee.

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