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The case of the Argentine ambassador to Bolivia will be brought before the BA Congress

Saturday, November 27 2021 – 09:32 UTC

Milman insisted that Basteiro’s actions were particularly dangerous as he encouraged Bolivian crowds to rally in the streets

Argentina opposition lawmakers have announced they will call on President Alberto Fernández to dismiss Adrián Basteiro from his post as ambassador to Bolivia after the diplomat was found engaging in domestic political acts in violation of conventions international regulations concerning consular representations.

Basteiro joined former President Evo Morales on Thursday in a demonstration by the Movement towards Socialism (MAS). The Argentinian diplomat even gave a speech in which he recalled having helped the former Bolivian leader during his exile in Buenos Aires following the uprising that led to her resignation and the possible accession to power of the now detainee. Jeanine ñez.

“For Basteiro to walk in a political march is prohibited by international treaties to which Argentina is a signatory,” said MP-elect Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) Gerardo Milman, who added that Basteiro’s actions were particularly dangerous because he encouraged the Bolivian crowds to mobilize. in the streets.

The president of the PRO (the party of former president Mauricio Macri now integrated into the JxC) Patricia Bullrich criticized the Fernández administration for sending official ambassadors who are not career diplomats, but trade unionists, which is a common practice in foreign relations.

Macri, for example, appointed the actor Miguel del Sel ambassador to Panama. And former President Carlos Menem had chosen rugby legend Hugo Porta as ambassador to South Africa as the country emerged from apartheid. Nevertheless, direct participation in domestic politics is a first.

Bullrich also said the Basteiro case would be discussed in Congress for deriding Argentina’s foreign service.

Career diplomat Julio Alvarado had called Basteiro’s behavior incompatible with his role under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. ?? The Convention indicates that all diplomats are obliged not to interfere in internal affairs, this ambassador ignores international regulations, ?? said Alvarado.

Basteiro joined the march led by Evo Morales on Thursday and said it was an act of “defending democracy”. Evo’s caravan is still crossing Bolivia. After leaving Caracollo on Tuesday, he is expected to arrive in La Paz next Monday.

Bolivian opposition parties have also denounced Basteiro’s presence.

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