Ashok Gehlot to run for Congress president; Speculations, beginning of lobbying for the next CM of Rajasthan

Ashok Gehlot to run for Congress president; speculation, lobbying begins for next CM of Rajasthan | Photo: ANI

As Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot announced his intention to contest the election of the Congress Speaker and also hinted that he would quit the post of CM, speculation and lobbying started for the new CM of Rajasthan. ‘State.

Leaders and lawmakers close to Sachin Pilot have begun talks with congressional lawmakers from all factions. These include MPs who were once seen as staunch opponents.

The Congress party has 107 seats in the Rajasthan Assembly, including 6 MPs from the BSP, who joined the Congress in 2019.

At the time of his rebel act in July 2020, Sachin Pilot only had the support of 20 MPs, and the number has not increased so far, so most of the MPs are still with CM Ashok Gehlot.

Party sources said that although it appears Sachin has the support of the party high command, there is a buzz that Gehlot has suggested the name of Rajasthan Assembly Speaker Dr. CP Joshi as his successor.

In such a case, if a headcount situation arises at the meeting of the Congress Legislative Party (CLP), it will be difficult for Sachin to prove his strength. This is the reason why his supporters started to lobby for him, and the good news for them came from the 6 deputies of the BSP.

The leader of these deputies and minister in the government, Rajendra Gudha made a public statement to respect the decision of the high command to make anyone including Pilot the CM.

“We agree with the decision of the Congress party command. Even if he chooses Bharosi Lal Jatav (a minister), we will support him,” Gudha said.

It should be mentioned here that these 6 MPs have always been firm with Gehlot during any political crisis, but this time the case might be different.

Other MPs are expected to back Sachin, especially those who have expressed dissatisfaction with various government decisions in recent months. These include the chairman of the Scheduled Castings Commission and MPs Khiladi Lal Bairwa and Girraj Singh Malinga.

Pilot’s supporters said party MPs accepted the party high command’s decision. “We are confident that the party high command will come out in favor of Sachin Pilot and that he will be unanimously elected leader of the CLP,” said a MP loyal to Pilot.

Sachin Pilot trending on Twitter

Meanwhile, Sachin Pilot supporters also became active on social media, and the hashtag #SachinPilot continued to trend on Twitter. At the same time, pro-pilot MPs called on supporters to remain calm.

Pilot Camp MP Vedprakash Solanki tweeted – All are requested to exercise patience and restraint. The truth will prevail and our leader, Sachin Pilot will get the result of his hard work. We have full confidence in the high command, so no one should post anything unnecessary on social media.

Pilot is said to have asked MPs and leaders to steer clear of any form of political rhetoric.

The appointment will be a show of force

Ashok Gehlot’s appointment should also be a show of strength. Gehlot is expected to file his nomination on September 28, for which leaders close to Gehlot have started sending messages to supporters and lawmakers. They are asked to join Delhi on the day of his appointment, Gehlot himself asked for it during the PLC meeting held on Tuesday evening. CLP Deputy Chief Whip Mahendra Choudhary said all Congress MPs will travel to Delhi for Gehlot’s nomination, although Choudhary is still confident that Gehlot will present his final budget next year.

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