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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national secretary general and Chikmagalur lawmaker CT Ravi on Monday accused Congress of ongoing unrest in Belagavi after statues of historical figures were disfigured and stones were thrown at vehicles government in the district.

Ravi said state congressman DK Shivakumar was the “director and producer” of the entire incident. “Congress is behind it (arson and degradation of statues). This is a plot that Congress has hatched across the country to start demonstrations and gain unjustified electoral advantages, ”he said.

He added that the congressional workers were also part of the act of burning the Karnataka flag in Kolhapur, and that some of those people were supporters of Shivakumar and Chamarajpet MP Zameer Ahmed Khan.

Shivakumar refused to blame the MES for the violence.

“I can’t just blame the fact that some organization or MES did it. You have to prove it. Some disbelievers did this to spark tension in society. The government must uphold the law and peace must be restored, ”said Shivakumar.

The statements come even as tension mounts in the border district, which is the bone of contention between Maharashtra and Karnataka, despite the Mahajan commission appointed by the Center declaring Belagavi to be part of the southern state.

Maharashtra continues to challenge the commission’s report and claims Belagavi, Khanapur, Karwar, Bidar and some other border areas. These regions were part of the former Bombay presidency and later came to Karnataka during the reorganization exercise in 1956.

Since then, there have been several clashes between pro-Kannada and pro-Marathi groups on both sides of the border. The most recent incident was the jet of ink to the face of Deepak Dalvi, Chairman of Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) on December 13 during a rally. This sparked protests in Kolhapur where some disbelievers burned the flag of Karnataka while a few others went on a rampage in Belagavi.

Pro-Kannada groups have disfigured the statue of Chatrapati Shivaji in Bengaluru, which has been reciprocated with the degradation of the statues of Sangolli Rayanna and the 12th century reformer Basavanna in other places.

“The state government would take decisive action to stop the vandalism. Strict measures would be taken against those who do justice, “Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Monday. He added that the main perpetrators of the vandalism have been arrested.” The Minister of the Interior and the Director General of Police have discussed the issue with their Maharashtra counterparts to protect the life and property of Kannadigas in Maharashtra, and also to ensure the safety of Karnataka government vehicles, ”Bommai said.

Bommai said the Karnataka government would push for the induction of all Kannadiga-dominated areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka, going on the offensive against its northern neighbor’s claims.

He also said the government would install the statue of 19th century ruler Rani Chenamma and the statue of her general Rayanna in the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in Belagavi.

The government of Karnataka ordered the construction of the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in Belagavi in ​​2007. It was built for ??400 crores and inaugurated in 2012 to further quell any claims on the border district by the neighboring state.

The Vidhana Soudha hosts the winter session of the Karnataka assembly and was built to address issues regarding Kittur-Karnataka (formerly known as Mumbai-Karnataka) and Kalyana-Karnataka (formerly known as by Kalyana Karnataka).

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