Boston first responder group plans to block city HR’s next month to assert their divine right to avoid gunfire

A small but noisy group of Boston first responders have found a way to protest Boston’s impending vaccination requirement: Everyone files for an exemption the day before the warrant goes into effect, then , when the city decides to end it, reclaim their vacation time so the city still has to pay them while reviewing their claims – and forcing the city to hire expensive replacements.

The group, Boston First Responders United, last night sent details of its plan for mass religious exemptions to some 350 people on its mailing list. In contrast, Boston has about 2,100 police officers, 1,600 firefighters, and 400 paramedics and paramedics.

Leaders of the two main unions that represent the grassroots of first responders have fought the city over imposing a vaccination mandate as a collective bargaining issue: if the city is to demand vaccinations, it must negotiate with unions to give something back.

But this new group says they don’t want vaccines, period, because they claim vaccines violate their God-given rights to preserve their sacred immune systems and, they claim, to protect pregnant first responders and others with what they say are legitimate health reasons for not receiving vaccines that can reduce the spread of a deadly virus. They swear to fight what they call the tyrannical plans of politicians to deprive them of their freedom, their jobs and even their cars.

Some members also used the city 311 system to attack union leaders, in particular Ed kelly, former chief of the Boston firefighters union, but now president of the International Association of Firefighters.

In their plans, the leaders of Boston First Responders United provide a sample statement that first responders can use to request a religious exemption at 10:45 p.m. on January 14 – when the group says everyone should file their requests for a religious exemption. ‘exemption, just before the city’s new shooting requirement begins on January 15:

I inform you that I am exempt from this activity because of my sincere religious beliefs. God created me with an immune system and I will not change his design. It is a sin against my God given conscience to allow unwanted intrusions into my body which is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

This statement was written by Peggy Hall, Orange County, California anti-mask activist who now fights vaccines, in part through sales cards who claim wearers have a right under federal law to ignore local mask warrants, which they do not.

Under the vaccination mandate announced by Mayor Wu, city workers will have to prove that they have received at least one injection by January 15 and a second by February 15, if they do not receive. the Johnson and Johnson single injection vaccine. . Failure to do so may mean being placed on unpaid leave. Wu said today that about 90% of the city’s employees have already received their vaccines.

When the state announced a similar mandate earlier this year, the union representing the state’s soldiers claimed many would fight rather than be shot. To date, after the union’s defeat in court, one state soldier has been fired, although several dozen more are awaiting disciplinary action.

The first responder group says they are ready to put the system to the test:

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