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California lost a seat in Congress because of new clipping map and many retired congressional leaders in the state are leaving their seats open. But little has changed for top Democratic and Republican leaders, all of whom are raising money for re-election before the 2022 midterms.

Filings show House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) raised $12.1 million and House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) raised $12. .9 million, more than any other politician in the state. Rep. Katie Porter (D-California) raised nearly $10 million and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California) raised just over $9 million, taking the third- and fourth-highest spots in California, respectively. .

The healthcare sector is where Pelosi has received the majority of his PAC funds. Across this cycle, she received $149,500 from PACs. Pelosi’s top health sector contributors include health care facility political action committees, HMOs, trade groups, and pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer Inc, which produced the first vaccine approved by the FDA. Last year, Pfizer gave a total of $5,759 to Pelosi’s campaign, including $5,000 from their PAC.

Pelosi has showed his support for COVID-19 vaccinations. After the Supreme Court hit President Joe Biden’s mandate that required major corporations to routinely vaccinate or test their employees, Pelosi released a declaration saying the decision was “alarming”.

By comparison, McCarthy received $75,000 total in PACs from medical professionals, hospitals, HMOs and pharmaceuticals. Pelosi raised thirty times more than McCarthy from watching healthcare professionals and nearly tripled McCarthy in HMOs. However, McCarthy nearly tripled Pelosi’s funding in pharmaceuticals as well as hospitals and nursing homes. McCarthy showed his support for the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the vaccination mandates.

McCarthy also received $31,500 from oil and gas PACs. The biggest sum came from Occidental Petroleum’s PAC, which gave him $10,000. He is also the first recipient among House members in the oil and gas industry, raising $174,462, and the second in the natural gas industry which contributed $30,298 to his campaign.

Like gas prices go up to the pumpsMcCarthy demand governor of california Gavin Newsom to roll back restrictive oil and gas laws in the hope that allowing the state to produce more will help dampen inflation.

Porter received $156,118 in total from single-issue PACs, including $10,000 from the Medicare for All PAC. She also received $5,000 from Emily’s List PAC, which focuses on electing women and politicians who support abortion rights.

Porter is the leading representative of pro-abortion rights sector funds, receiving $39,137 from individuals and $3,000 from PACs. She is also second for women’s issues with $260,005 from individuals and $22,797 in PAC. Last year Porter supported the Violence Against Women Act which aims to protect victims of domestic violence. The law was finally renewed in the recent omnibus budget bill.

Schiff received most of its PAC funding from the labor, communications, and electronics sectors. Labor PACs donated $43,000, with construction unions donating the bulk of $16,500. Communications and electronics PACs donated $31,500 to Schiff and entertainment PACs donated $11,500.

He also ranks third among members of the Chamber of Architectural Services for which he received $26,521, behind Pelosi who ranks second with $33,180. He is also fourth among House members with Democrats and Liberals, raising $934,393.

Last year, Schiff and other members of Congress sent a letter to the Alliance of Film and Television Producers, a trade association that oversees negotiations between production companies and unions, which has demanded higher wages for those working behind the scenes. Schiff received $28,922 from the film production and distribution industry and is the third highest recipient among House members in the television production sector at $14,587.

Individual pensioners are the main contributors for the four politicians. Schiff raised $1.8 million, while Porter received $1.6 million. Pelosi is the third-highest recipient, raising just over $3 million, while McCarthy is the second-highest representative with nearly $5 million.

The California primary will take place on June 7.

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