Campaign Notes II: Palin Doesn’t Run for Bethel

Leaving town: Palin drove to the Anchorage airport, but the flight to Bethel was delayed and she did not participate in the forum that had been set up, with her, Tara Sweeney, Emil Notti and Mary Peltola. The invite was for two Republicans and two Democrats, but it ended with just Sweeney as the Republican. KYUK covers the story.

Stefanik supports Palin: Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York endorsed Sarah Palin. “Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and the first-ever GOP Vice Presidential candidate, is a pioneer of GOP Women, a household name in Alaska, and a national leader of the America First movement. I am thrilled to join to President Trump to support Sarah Palin’s campaign for Congress,” Stefanik said in his statement.

Palin responded by saying that Stefanik “has done an amazing job recruiting strong conservative female leaders, many of whom are grizzly moms who will shake Washington to its core.”

Pulling the wool: Adam Wool essentially only shoots in Fairbanks. It’s a strategy of not running for US House, but stealthily campaigning for your House seat, which involves new district lines. Wool found a loophole in state law that prevents him from running for State House, running for the US House and the Legislative Ethics Committee can’t — or won’t — touch him.

The “Paid for” disclaimer is not surrounded by a box, as required by law.

Combing Ads: Rep. Adam Wool, the man who would love to be in Congress, has an ad running in Fairbanks that doesn’t comply with the Federal Election Commission – missing a box around the “Paid for” disclaimer. An offense punishable by a fine, but who will tell him?

Open day: Nick Begich, candidate for Congress since October, opens his campaign office on Wednesday, May 11, right next to the Once Upon a Child store. The open day begins at 5:30 p.m.

Vice-president: Congressional candidate Chris Constant, who sits in the Anchorage Assembly as vice president, had a vinyl banner for the parade the Democrats had for themselves in Seward during their state convention. He briefly removed his mask for the photo and held it awkwardly with his middle finger, making it look like he was turning the bird back towards the camera, while biting his lower lip. In the background, gubernatorial candidate Les Gara smiles awkwardly. An observer at the Democratic convention said everyone was masked indoors and most also kept their masks on outside.

Revak shows up for work to vote for abortion funding: Much absent from the Capitol recently campaigning for the United States House, Alaska State Senator Josh Revak showed up for the Senate session today. Senator Rob Myer introduced a measure to remove state funding for abortion from the operating budget. It was a $350,000 item in the Medicaid portion of the budget. Revak voted against the amendment.

Santa Claus was on the Must Read Alaska Podcast: Check the Must Read Alaska Facebook page for audio and visual, or check out our podcast on any podcast platform you use – Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Google Play, PodBean, etc. The congressional candidate who is pro-choice, pro-union, pro-Pro Act, and pro-marijuana spoke with John Quick and Suzanne Downing. Links to some of our platforms here.

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