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On the news, “KHADC MDC quits Congress”, “Most MPs have their checkpoints in the state, says Pala” and then “The link between the coal trade and the ultra is an old allegation : Interim DGP” and the editorial “Quid pro quo politique” (ST February 19, 2022), Bajop (Winner) never surrenders in life when he dares to tell the facts. He made the right decision to step out of a party that doesn’t believe in internal party democracy and he rightly said that “staying with Congress would be ‘political suicide’. Now he has to connect with his constituency at Rambrai-Jyrngam as he is from the grassroots rural constituency. Bajop should maintain the reputation of being a proud Edmundian, the school that certified him “A born leader and a team player” when he was named captain of St. Edmunds school.
Bajop Pyngrope must maintain the mentality of the eagle and not that of the chicken, the turkey and the crow. It’s good that he leaves the crow behind so he can soar like an eagle. He is young and time is on his side. Regarding the second novel, I think it is also necessary to probe who are the big cats that engage in benami activities and who frequent them. Regarding the third news story, the straight-laced and low-key DGP Idashisha Nongrang rightly said that “alleged links between the coal trade and insurgents are nothing new.” I think she knows best what’s simmering and bubbling about it. The police should boost morale and act fearlessly on crime in the state for the safety of citizens.
Finally, the editor struck a chord in her “Political Quid pro quo” op-ed that “the MDA government is carefree, comfortable in the thought that the NPP – the political party at the head of the government – ​​is growing stronger in addition “. The editor is also 100% correct in pointing out that “regional parties have repeatedly failed to take a stand on any issue. In short, they have abandoned the cause of the people and what is in the public interest”. MPs from the Group of Five Congress MPs have taken a timely and wise decision to jump the sinking ship and support the NPP led government as the upcoming election will be another term for the NPP government under the brilliant leadership of Conrad Sangma who is accessible, humble, firm and attentive to people. He is the best bet when it comes to connecting with the powers that be in New Delhi and the upside is that he is fluent in both Hindi and English.
After analyzing the political data of Meghalaya over the past fifty years, it can be said with confidence that the NPP will have its own absolute majority in the next elections in 2023. I put the number at 35 seats (58%) in 2023 considering of the current strength of the NPP which includes the Group of 5 which stands at 47%. In fact, another 11% is achievable if the nuclear plant has a strong will. The NPP should also start identifying a possible MP candidate for the 1 Shillong parliamentary constituency to unseat the incumbent MP who has done nothing for the constituency in the last three terms but has the audacity to claim that the the spade work done by the former MP is now bearing fruit. The facts are with me and I can prove it. We need people of the stature of (L)Professor GG Swell and PR Kyndiah and not Tom Dick and Harry to represent the prestigious Parliamentary Constituency 1 Shillong.

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Where is Meghalaya Medical College


With all government and mission owned hospitals now overcrowded due to population explosion and new diseases plaguing us, these hospitals are overcrowded. In 1987, NEIGRIHMS was established with the motto “Towards Knowledge and Life”, and it has served the motto with dedication and distinction. However, accessibility to NEIGRIHM from different locations is problematic. The Umpling Bridge which was dismantled in 2019 is still incomplete, so people are forced to take the crowded Rynjah-Lapalang-Umpling road. If the government had provided transport services with fixed fares to and from NEIGRIHMS, the poor would have benefited.
Neighboring Assam now has 8 medical colleges. Most of our doctors were graduates of Assam Medical College and served to the best of their abilities. They were not allowed to continue serving in urban areas and civilian hospitals as doctors do today pulling strings. In the past, these physicians had to serve CSPs and remote CSPs. These doctors served with such dedication that when they were transferred, the villagers wept and the chiefs pleaded with DHS not to transfer them.
Coming to the proposed medical school at Shillong, which was considered more than a decade ago, it is sad that politics has also crept into this issue. Jhalupara TB Hospital was first proposed as the site. Later it changed to Greater Shillong but the audience didn’t even raise an eyebrow. The public never spoke when bureaucrats were allocated land by those in power at ridiculous prices during the tenure of the first MDA government led by Dr Donkupar Roy with the current CM, Conrad Sangma as Minister of Finance, approving the project despite public outcry.
Here we see the attitude of this government which has thrown every precaution to the winds to clutter Greater Shillong with two hospitals and medical colleges. The incurable roar of firefighter traffic in Barik affecting the 8 km radius of GPO simply blinded their conscience. They only care about political convenience and the power of money. The public is unhappy and what is worse is that this same government will dominate the 2023 polls as people look at local gains and have no vision for the state.
We the public have been rendered speechless but demand that Shillong Medical College be made operational as it is Meghalaya’s only achievement since 1972. This is important for students who cannot afford the fees in other out-of-state medical colleges which range from Rs 30,000 to 50,000 per year after passing NEET. It is only in VOISINS that the fees are modest at Rs 1000 per year. Most successful NEET medical students come from privileged backgrounds because they can afford the expensive NEET coaching. These students, when successful, would not contribute to Meghalaya’s health system. They will leave for higher education; pay back the deposit money and then go abroad.
Moreover, it is time to remove the bond because the wealthy after graduating have no difficulty in paying back the bond money and doing their private practice while the PHCs are suffering from the lack of doctors. Now, with new diseases, we need deserving doctors trained from childhood to serve the poor and marginalized.
Unfortunately, as citizens, we have no way to voice our concerns except through the newspapers. In any case, the chief minister and his deputy are too powerful to be asked about political issues such as the re-employment of the retired DGP, amid cries of severe unemployment. If this re-employment policy is not stopped immediately, we will see many retirees and inform people who are struggling to come to the office with a cane.

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