Congresswoman Mary Miller visits Hancock County on the campaign trail |

Congresswoman Mary Miller represents Illinois’ 15th District in the United States House of Representatives. She recently toured Hancock County along her campaign trail, meeting and greeting voters in the district along the way. Miller is running for re-election in the new 15th District.

Miller graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BS in business management and took graduate courses in education. She received her teaching certificate from the State of Illinois. Mary is a wife, mother, grandmother and farmer. She and her husband of 42 years, Chris, raised a family on a shoestring budget and ran a beef and grain farm for 40 years.

“I’m an ordinary person and I never planned on running for office,” Miller explained, “but I believe our country is teetering on a precipice and what’s going to make a difference is that ordinary people don’t be passive and don’t get involved in the political process.. I want to be a vote for ordinary people.

President Trump recently endorsed Miller.

“President Trump has supported me in this race because I am a strong supporter of the America First Agenda,” Miller explained.

Managing a farm gave Mary first-hand experience of the challenges that come with modern farming and farming.

“I am very passionate about agriculture and understand the issues that affect agriculture because we operate a third generation family farm where we grow corn, soybeans and an angus cattle operation. I understand how difficult it is to make a profit; weather, markets, taxes and legislation all pose challenges.

Mary supports biofuels, is on the farm committee, and believes the top priorities of the upcoming farm bill are to provide a reliable safety net for family farms, which would include insurance, Title 1 safety net programs, tax issues and regulations that would allow expansion of good and fair trade.

Mary supports the 2nd Amendment and plans to keep Illinois gun ownership intact.

“It’s a top priority for me,” Miller said. “I would never support legislation that diminishes our 2nd Amendment rights.”

The NRA endorses Miller and she is the only member of the delegation to hold an A rating with the Gun Owners of America.

“I am adamantly opposed to the red flag gun laws that my opponent, Rodney Davis, voted for.”

Mary is also pro-life and voted against the recent bill that allows underage girls to have abortions in Illinois without parental consent.

“Pro-life is a line in the sand for me,” Miller explained. “Pritzker’s repeal of the Parental Notification Act is outrageous and irresponsible. I will use every opportunity of my position to promote life.

Miller supports pro-life organizations, has been involved in pro-life legislation and is a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. She believes that no taxpayer funding should go to abortion.

“I have introduced several bills into law, including the College Campus Life Protection Act, which would block federal funds from going to colleges or universities that offer chemical abortions,” Miller said. .

COVID-19 issues and mandates have raised red flags for Miller about government overreach. Miller said at first she was very willing to stay home and mask up, but it quickly became apparent to her that it was not about public safety and health. She believes some groups need to exercise extreme caution due to pre-existing conditions or their medical condition, but there has never been a time when we have imposed restrictions on healthy people.

“I strongly oppose forced quarantines, forced masks, and forced vaccines,” Miller explained. “There are consequences to confinement; we’ve destroyed our economy, caused depression, and our children are in some cases third grade non-in-person learning.

Miller believes COVID-19 mitigation measures have become a liberty issue and strongly opposes a federal vaccine database and government overreach in future pandemics.

“I am for freedom,” Miller said. “People should be able to measure the risk and reward of free choice and make their own decisions about their health and that of their children. I would never vote for legislation that takes away rights and freedoms from individuals or parents. »

Miller’s opponent, Rodney Davis, is quick to note that she doesn’t live in the district she represents.

In response, Miller said, “My husband and I have farmed in Coles County since 1980. Coles County is in the district except for my house. Governor Pritzker has gerrymander the state. Anyone can look at the map and see it’s laughable. I refuse to let the governor choose who represents this district and I want to give voters a choice. »

Miller points out that Hancock County is one of the most conservative districts in the state, if not the country.

“I am America First, a Trump supporter, and I represent this district through my conservative values ​​and stances on the 2nd Amendment and pro-life issues. I want to give voters an option when they go to the polls.

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