CPM wants to put Congress in the dock following the attack on the AKG center

Thiruvananthapuram: The attack on the AKG center has turned the already turbulent political atmosphere in Kerala into an explosive situation.

Shortly after the incident, the CPM asked its executives to exercise restraint, in an apparent move not to further vitiate the already charged political atmosphere. But party officials did not heed the opinion in its entirety.

The question of who was behind the attack on the party state headquarters, especially when the CPM was leading the government, still remains unanswered.

The CPM wants to see Congress in the dock, and LDF official EP Jayarajan’s initial claim was that the main opposition party was responsible for the attack. The CPM or the LDF, however, did not follow the Jayarajan line. Instead, the CPM secretariat preferred to blame the right-wing forces of the anti-Pinarayi government for the incident.

Incidentally, a press release issued by Jayarajan on behalf of the DFL also did not blame Congress. The DFL only decided to react after finding the culprit.

Congress stand

Congress, on the other hand, has grappled with whether it would dig its own grave by launching an attack on the PMO’s office, especially when it tried to corner the government inside and outside of the Legislative Assembly.

Although Congress leaders did not publicly condemn the protest against the Chief Minister aboard a Kannur-Thiruvananthapuram flight, they were of the view that it was preventable.

Congress has categorically rejected the charge of launching the attack on the AKG center on the eve of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Wayanad, where the MP’s office was vandalized by a group of IFC workers.

The big old party felt that the attack on the CPM headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram was staged by someone from the left party itself with the intention of reducing the relevance of Rahul Gandhi’s visit and inciting strong pro-party sentiment as the LDF’s main partner has been mired in controversy over several issues, including the gold smuggling affair.

KPCC chairman K Sudhakaran jumped ahead and named Jayarajan as the one who scripted Thursday night’s attack on the AKG Center.

In retaliation, CPM leaders said Congress would commit such an act under its new leadership. Another hypothesis is that someone else tried to fish in troubled political waters. The CPM believes that only forces wanting to riot would target the AKG center.

The CPM did not hold its regular Friday meeting of its secretariat on July 1, although most members, including Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, were present at party headquarters. The chief minister gave strict instructions to the party against unleashing violence in retaliation for the attack on the AKG center. The CPM, however, protested the incident at local committee level.

Incidentally, the explosive was thrown at the AKG center just days after the attack on Indira Bhavan, the Congress headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram. Congress alleged that no one was arrested in connection with the attack on his office.

A multi-party meeting convened by the first Pinarayi government had reached consensus against targeting party offices and leaders’ residences for any protests. Recent incidents prove that the decision was overruled, however. A meeting of the CPM decided to stick to the decision and, incidentally, the AKG center, where the meeting was held, was itself attacked.

Meanwhile, the CPM’s ability to protect its own headquarters when in power is also heightened.

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