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Name: Clint Johnson

Political party: Republican

Specific office sought: D2 Congrès

Address and how long there: Tahlequah.

Education: Vian High School, CLEET certification for reserve and full-time police officer, numerous continuing education courses in law enforcement. Virginia Police Assessment and Selection Training. CLEET Certified Instructor.

Work Experience: United States Marine Corps, 5.5 years with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department (District 27 Drug Task Force as a Narcotics Officer, including 3.5 years as a Field Supervisor , 2 years in Iraq with DynCorp International/US State Department as international police and worked for the National Investigation and Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Interior

Military experience: US Marine Corps


1 BRIBERY. If it were conclusively proven that a current or former president, Supreme Court justice or member of Congress was guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors” or worse, would you vote to impeach or otherwise punish that person , even if she is a member of your own party? Explain.

Yes, if it were conclusively proven that I would vote to impeach them, no one is above the law, I don’t care who they are, and elected leaders should be held even more accountable for their actions.

2 CAMPAIGN FINANCING/TERM LIMITS. Do you believe campaign finance reform is needed (particularly regarding “dark money”), or congressional term limits, or both? Explain.

Yes, desperately, I believe that until we get a lot of money (special interest, lobbyist and billionaires) out of politics, our country will never change. I intentionally didn’t raise any money because I know politicians are bribed for their votes. It’s time to change who we send to Washington or Washington will never change. I will also be sponsoring or co-sponsoring a bill that will set term limits for all politicians.

3 Partisanship. What could you and your party do, and what would you expect from the ruling party, to bridge disagreements and pass important laws?

Everyone in Washington, Democrats and Republicans, is fighting and nothing is being done for the American people. We need to send real, common-sense citizen legislatures to Washington that will work for the American people again. I would work 24/7 with like-minded legislatures and try to impress on wavering representatives that everything we do should be done for the good of American citizens. It only takes one person to start a change, I will be that person and I will show by actions, not just words, how an elected leader should act.

4 ABORTION. Many believe that Roe v. Wade will be knocked down by SCOTUS. What exceptions should be made for women seeking abortion, if any, and should Congress or a doctor make that decision? What would you do to help girls and women raise their children?

I am 100% pro-life, the only exceptions would be in case of life-threatening or rape/incest. Abortion kills so many of our most precious gifts from God. Life should never be taken away before she has had a chance to experience it.

5 NATIONAL PROBLEMS. What are the biggest failures of Congress and/or the President, from 2017 to now, and how would you work to overcome them? What about relations with tribal governments?

Congress wants to fight and argue instead of working for the people and nothing is being done. Politicians sit there getting rich from the taxpayers and not coming together which in turn does nothing for American citizens and we now have a country that is ruled from a pen by the Biden administration. I would work to bring us back to the three branches of government that our founding fathers put in place to have checks and balances that would bring us back to governing by the people, for the people instead of being influenced/controlled by an administration that is l intention is to hurt the American citizen. We need to have great working relationships with tribal governments and support their sovereign nations, but we also need to work on the McGirt decision, the only ones hurting are us, not the politicians.

6. LGBTQ MATTERS. Many states are passing laws that LGBTQ people and their advocates say will take away their freedoms. What laws should be passed (or repealed) that might affect LGBTQ people and their allies?

Nothing should ever come into law unless it helps people, not hurts them. I would look at any law that helps all individuals, not just certain groups, and for sure oppose anything that affects people differently. Congress is there for the good of the people, not the other way around.

7. LIABILITY. Are you loyal to your party and/or the president, or would you prioritize ALL of your voters, regardless of your party or its leaders? Would you assure voters that you would be accountable to the public and respond to calls from the media? Explain.

I am loyal to the citizens of the United States and align myself with the beliefs of the Republican Party, but can do my job fairly and impartially

8. RELATIONS WITH THE WORLD. How would you work to improve relations with other countries, in terms of treaties, cooperation bodies and other issues? What about the current war in Ukraine? what role, if any, should the United States play? Climate change?

As I’m not a politician, I can’t answer this question to improve relations, it’s something no one can answer because of the world changing day by day. The war in Ukraine is horrible and I feel for the people, but we need to take care of Americans and get our country right. We have to stop being the big brother of the world. The country that matters most to every American citizen is being destroyed and our politicians want to act like we won’t make it through inflation, energy crises, the open southern border and the list goes on. We must stop the madness and fix our country before we can help others.

9. SHOTGUNS. In light of the recent shootings, there has been a lot of talk about the possible need for more regulations. What level of regulation would you accept, if any? Explain.

We have laws in place that are not being prosecuted because of liberal district attorneys, judges, etc. We don’t need to make new laws, we need to deal with the issue of mental health, it’s a starting point. If you enact more laws, law-abiding people won’t give a damn within those boundaries. The criminal will always have firearms, be able to obtain them and use them. As the saying goes, a good guy with a gun can stop the actions of a bad guy. We must also stop sending money abroad, stop all unnecessary spending and use this money to strengthen our schools and put the police in our schools to protect our children.

10. ECONOMY. What steps would you support taking immediately to alleviate the economic hardship of the American people? How can the United States better curb inflation?

On day one, I would build relationships with like-minded members of Congress, start working on solving the problem to revive drilling in the United States, open up our energy that we have under our feet. As an energy-based economy, we are opening up drilling, increasing gas and oil production, reducing costs, which in turn will begin to ease the inflation tax burden that this administration is placing on us. imposed.

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