“Elbit is guilty, we are not”: the founders of the Palestine group face 38 years in prison

A demonstration by Action Palestine against Israel’s weapons factory in Shenstone. (Photo: via Palestine Action’s TW page)

Eight members of the UK-based organization Palestine Action face up to 38 years in prison next month for taking action against Israeli-owned arms factories, the group said in a statement quoted by the Morning Star newspaper.

The activists are due to appear at Snaresbrook Crown Court in London on October 10, on charges related to their campaign to close factories and offices of Elbit System, an Israeli-owned international arms manufacturer, across Britain. Brittany.

The actions included occupations of company factories and offices, damages and threats against target companies associated with Elbit, The Morning Star also reported.

In the two years since the group was founded, activist groups have also targeted businesses associated with Elbit, including property companies providing office space to the company.

In its statement, Palestine Action said the lawsuits are “the biggest crackdown by a pro-Palestine organization in the past decade.”

“Political resistance is met with the act of law,” the statement said, adding, “Elbit is guilty, we are not.”

(Morning Star, PC)

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