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As the Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe vs. Wade and states across the country are passing increasingly draconian anti-abortion laws, Democratic Party leadership fights like hell to make sure an anti-choice retains his seat in Congress. Texas Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar is the only member of the House Democratic caucus who (openly) opposes abortion and currently faces Jessica Cisneros in the primary election. Cisneros, a member of the party’s progressive wing, is pro-choice and locked in a tight race with Cuellar as they head to a runoff later in May.

On the surface, this would be a perfect opportunity for Democrats, nominally the party of abortion rights protection, to ditch their latest anti-choice congressman and replace him with someone who supports their stated political priorities. .

But the Democratic establishment of course backs Cuellar. House Whip – and influential Biden endorser – Jim Clyburn hosted a two-day vote rally for Cuellar after the Supreme Court draft was leaked. It’s repeating itself: Just two days after it became clear the Supreme Court would strike down federal abortion protections and Democratic politicians slumped to pledge to pass a law protecting abortion, Clyburn was trying to get the vote for an anti-abortion congressman.

This blatant hypocrisy reveals the true nature of the Democratic Party’s commitment to protecting abortion rights: lots of empty words without action, or even the intention to act. Their support for abortion rights is more of a campaign strategy, a tactic designed to coerce the millions of people who are understandably concerned about infringements on their right to bodily autonomy to support them.

Democrats have had nearly 50 years to pass abortion legislation, including multiple presidencies and majorities, and a super majority under Barack Obama. And yet, the right to abortion has continued to be curtailed since deer become law. That’s because Democrats don’t really want to protect abortion rights — partly because it will cost them their best campaign stake, partly because they don’t want to lose the anti-abortion sectors of their grassroots, and in part because they actually move to genuinely protect the right to abortion would provoke a polarized reaction and risk destabilizing the status quo. And democrats, as servants of capital, are primarily concerned with maintaining capitalist stability. So they haven’t – and they won’t act – to protect abortion.

Yet with every election, Democrats tell us they are our last bulwark against ending abortion rights. But, as the Supreme Court prepares to deliver the biggest blow to reproductive rights in decades, where are these Democratic politicians when they’re not making empty rhetoric? They support an anti-choice candidate.

Supporting anti-choice Democrats is nothing new; even progressive idol Bernie Sanders has had its day to make a campaign for an anti-abortion candidate for Congress. This is not what a genuine commitment to protect abortion looks like. It’s political theater for the Democrats, while it’s life or death for us. We can no longer be fooled by their constant appeals to our fear. We must recognize that Democrats are not prepared to do what it takes to protect our rights or win liberation.

Rather, we must organize together, in our workplaces and in our communities, to create an active and confrontational mass movement in the streets that demands safe, legal and free abortion – on demand and without excuses. To do this, we must demand that politicians sitting in Washington pass a federal law legalizing the procedure and removing all restrictions. They will only do it if they fear us, our movement, our rage and our organization.

This is what is needed to protect the right to abortion. Do not support people who turn around and work for keep anti-abortion politicians in power, especially in the current moment. The Democrats have once again shown us who they are. Let’s believe them and build our own movement.

Ezra’s Brain

Ezra is a New York-based artist and theater teacher.

Lummis talks about her vote in Congress on the Women’s Health Protection Act Wed, 11 May 2022 23:42:00 +0000

CHEYENNE, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) — U.S. Senator from Wyoming, Cynthia Lummis, has made her stance on abortion clear.

She’s sponsoring pro-life legislation in Congress and now she’s talking about the Supreme Court leak.

Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis said Tuesday she supports the Supreme Court’s leaked draft decision indicating its intention to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Meanwhile, others like Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are calling the bill an “abomination.”

“If this abominable decision becomes law, women will lose their freedom in many ways. A giant step backward in the United States, where the expansion of freedom has always been our goal and our aspiration,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Schumer says he is arranging a Senate vote on Wednesday in response to the draft. On a bill that would protect a woman’s right to abortion at the federal level.

The Women’s Health Protection Act would override state laws and create a national abortion policy, but its efforts are in danger of failing.

The bill will require a qualified majority to pass. That means he needs Republican support, which many GOP members like Senator Cynthia Lummis are unwilling to give.

“Well, I will vote against. This is not just a codification of Roe v Wade, it expands Roe v Wade dramatically and once again attempts to legislate at the federal level on issues that should be handled by the states,” said U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY).

A formal court decision is expected next month.

Wyoming has a trigger bill that would ban abortions in the state within 5 days of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

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Campaign volunteers are a good source for voter education Tue, 10 May 2022 21:00:00 +0000

In June, we will vote in the primary election. It is a privilege and a responsibility that most patriots hold sacred.

One of the easiest ways to find out more about your candidates is to listen to what their volunteers have to say when they contact you by phone. By donating just a few minutes of your time, you have the opportunity to get your questions answered and to know where your candidate stands on the issues that impact your life the most.

This knowledge is a valuable tool for making an informed decision.

Unfortunately, far too many voters do not want to waste time. The volunteers who work for their candidates volunteer their time to ensure that our elections are conducted with a peaceful transfer of power. Responding to them with indifference, hostility, and impertinence may temporarily ease the frustration we feel, but it won’t do much to ensure a positive outcome.

SEND LETTERS TO: We want to hear from our readers. To be considered for publication, letters must include your full name, neighborhood or hometown, and a phone number for verification purposes. Letters should be a maximum of approximately 350 words.

Will you give them the courtesy of your attention to arm yourself with information about their candidate’s priorities, or will you be the first to complain when another incompetent has been elected? Those few minutes can be the highlight of your day.

Isie Barclay, St Charles

Enlarge the Supreme Court

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that we must have nine justices on the Supreme Court. Nor would it take a constitutional amendment to add more seats. In fact, Congress has expanded the Supreme Court many times throughout American history.

Congress should use its constitutional authority to rebalance the Supreme Court, which has been taken over by a supermajority that holds extreme views outside the mainstream of legal thought and out of step with most Americans. Congress must pass the Justice Act of 2021, which would add four seats to the Supreme Court and help stem attacks by the right-wing supermajority on our basic freedoms, including the right to access abortion care.

Nothing prevents Congress from adding judges, except political will, of course. I urge Congress to pass the Judiciary Act of 2021 and add four seats to the Supreme Court.

Emilia Pascu, Mount Prospect

Hidden motives of the anti-abortion movement

In her Mother’s Day column on ‘Roe’s reversal perspective’, Mary Mitchell said: ‘Yet I don’t believe that even the most diehard ‘right to life’ proponents want to see women and girls put their lives at risk trying to terminate an intended pregnancy.

I do not believe it one second. For some, even an unwanted pregnancy is the result of “sin”, and the sinner must bear the consequences of her act, whether it simply ruins her life (depriving her of educational or career opportunities, etc.) physical injury or death.

A proof of this is that the strict anti-abortion laws do not allow the termination of a pregnancy, even in cases of rape or incest. In this context, it should be recalled that a standard defense in many rape trials is that the victim somehow “wanted” or “invited” the sexual encounter.

It should also be remembered that some of the strongest anti-abortionists are also opposed to sex education in schools and opposed to allowing the distribution of contraceptives. The bottom line is to deny women access to education and reproductive health care, and then punish them if they become pregnant.

I do not want to trivialize the moral aspects of this contentious debate. But I don’t believe the “sanctity of life” is protected by the bombing of Planned Parenthood clinics or the killing of doctors who perform abortions, both have happened.

Too many staunch “pro-life” supporters refer to all “pro-choice” supporters as “pro-abortion”, which is simply not true. Some of us believe that “freedom” does not mean the freedom to impose our values ​​on everyone.

Mitchell wrote that the difficult issue of abortion was something “we don’t talk about”. Now is the time for some of the more unfortunate aspects of the anti-abortion movement to be discussed.

Charles Berg, Hyde Park/Kenwood

OLB Group will publish its first quarter financial results on May 12, 2022 Tue, 10 May 2022 14:30:00 +0000

Earnings conference call at 4:15 p.m. EST

NEW YORK, May 10, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The OLB Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:OLB), a diversified Fintech eCommerce merchant services provider and cryptocurrency mining company, will release its first quarter financial statements on May 12, 2022 at 4:15 p.m. EST. Interested shareholders and investors are invited to participate in the Company’s earnings call or in listen-only mode.

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About OLB Group, Inc.

The OLB Group, Inc. is a diversified Fintech eCommerce merchant services provider and Bitcoin crypto mining company. The company’s e-commerce platform provides cloud-based merchant services for a complete digital commerce solution to more than 10,500 merchants in all 50 states. DMint, a wholly owned subsidiary of OLB Group, is engaged in Bitcoin mining using sustainable natural gas with an initial deployment of 1,000 ASIC-based efficient S19j Pro 96T mining computers planned by the end of 2021.

For more information on OLB Group, please visit and

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Campaign Notes II: Palin Doesn’t Run for Bethel Mon, 09 May 2022 20:18:22 +0000

Leaving town: Palin drove to the Anchorage airport, but the flight to Bethel was delayed and she did not participate in the forum that had been set up, with her, Tara Sweeney, Emil Notti and Mary Peltola. The invite was for two Republicans and two Democrats, but it ended with just Sweeney as the Republican. KYUK covers the story.

Stefanik supports Palin: Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York endorsed Sarah Palin. “Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and the first-ever GOP Vice Presidential candidate, is a pioneer of GOP Women, a household name in Alaska, and a national leader of the America First movement. I am thrilled to join to President Trump to support Sarah Palin’s campaign for Congress,” Stefanik said in his statement.

Palin responded by saying that Stefanik “has done an amazing job recruiting strong conservative female leaders, many of whom are grizzly moms who will shake Washington to its core.”

Pulling the wool: Adam Wool essentially only shoots in Fairbanks. It’s a strategy of not running for US House, but stealthily campaigning for your House seat, which involves new district lines. Wool found a loophole in state law that prevents him from running for State House, running for the US House and the Legislative Ethics Committee can’t — or won’t — touch him.

The “Paid for” disclaimer is not surrounded by a box, as required by law.

Combing Ads: Rep. Adam Wool, the man who would love to be in Congress, has an ad running in Fairbanks that doesn’t comply with the Federal Election Commission – missing a box around the “Paid for” disclaimer. An offense punishable by a fine, but who will tell him?

Open day: Nick Begich, candidate for Congress since October, opens his campaign office on Wednesday, May 11, right next to the Once Upon a Child store. The open day begins at 5:30 p.m.

Vice-president: Congressional candidate Chris Constant, who sits in the Anchorage Assembly as vice president, had a vinyl banner for the parade the Democrats had for themselves in Seward during their state convention. He briefly removed his mask for the photo and held it awkwardly with his middle finger, making it look like he was turning the bird back towards the camera, while biting his lower lip. In the background, gubernatorial candidate Les Gara smiles awkwardly. An observer at the Democratic convention said everyone was masked indoors and most also kept their masks on outside.

Revak shows up for work to vote for abortion funding: Much absent from the Capitol recently campaigning for the United States House, Alaska State Senator Josh Revak showed up for the Senate session today. Senator Rob Myer introduced a measure to remove state funding for abortion from the operating budget. It was a $350,000 item in the Medicaid portion of the budget. Revak voted against the amendment.

Santa Claus was on the Must Read Alaska Podcast: Check the Must Read Alaska Facebook page for audio and visual, or check out our podcast on any podcast platform you use – Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Google Play, PodBean, etc. The congressional candidate who is pro-choice, pro-union, pro-Pro Act, and pro-marijuana spoke with John Quick and Suzanne Downing. Links to some of our platforms here.

]]> David Brog, former Jewish leader of CUFI, candidate for Congress – J. Mon, 09 May 2022 16:49:35 +0000

If elected, Brog would increase Jewish representation in the Republican Party. There are currently only two Jewish members in the Republican caucus, Lee Zeldin of New York and David Kustoff of Tennessee. Zeldin withdraws from Congress and runs as a Republican candidate for Governor of New York. Max Miller, a former White House aide to Trump, won the GOP primary in Ohio’s 7th District last week. Brog’s goal is to form a group of Jewish House members to combat rising anti-Semitism and work together on issues of common concern.

Jewish upbringing and family background

Brog was born and raised in Margate City, outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey, to secular parents. His father, Eugene, only visited the Temple Beth El synagogue twice a year – on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Eugene’s parents were immigrants from Poland and Lithuania, who lost family members in the Holocaust. This trauma caused Eugene to lose his faith, but he instilled in his children the pride of being Jewish.

Brog is a bit more observant. He does not work on Saturdays to mark Shabbat as a day of rest, a commitment he keeps during this campaign. He occasionally visits local Orthodox, Young Israel Aish HaTorah and Chabad synagogues. “I feel like I’m continuing my father’s search and trying to achieve the mission he gave me to connect with my faith, to be a Jew who practices and takes his faith seriously” , did he declare.

After graduating from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, where he was classmates with former President Barack Obama and Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, Brog spent a few years in Israel working for a law firm – Meitar, Littman Nechmad (today Meitar, Liquornik, Geva & Leshem) – specializing in commercial and high-tech law.

Brog discovered he was a third cousin of Ehud Barak, Israel’s former prime minister, in the late 1990s. The two shared a great-grandfather, Simon. Brog had previously admired Barak, who was then the Labor leader, a distinguished soldier in Israel’s history and a champion of peace in the Middle East. Barak changed his surname from Brog to Barak in 1972, using the Hebrew word for lightning.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak (left) with David Brog

The two first met when Barak visited the United States as prime minister in July 1999 and met with a group of Jewish members of Congress and their aides. As Barak greeted everyone, Brog introduced himself as his cousin. Barak “put his arms around me, pointed at me, and didn’t say to anyone in particular, ‘That’s my cousin, my cousin,'” Brog recalled. Brog stayed in touch with his family in Israel, including Barak’s brother Avinoam, who still goes by the Brog surname.

Brog began studying Zionism as a high school student in Atlantic City after reading the book “The Revolt” by Menachem Begin, who was the leader of the Irgun, the Zionist paramilitary group, and later became the sixth Prime Minister of Israel, whom he found in his school library after researching an autobiography of former President John F. Kennedy for an assignment. “It really touched me and made me a Zionist,” he said.

Leading America’s Largest Pro-Israel Group

After serving as policy director during Specter’s short-lived presidential campaign in 1996, as well as the senator’s senior adviser and chief of staff, Brog wrote a book, “Standing with Israel: Why Christians Support Israel,” which was based on his experience of journey through central Pennsylvania. and meet evangelical Christians. While writing the book, Brog visited pro-Israel churches across the country and listened to a series of talks given by Pastor John Hagee, a televangelist and founder of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas.

Brog befriended Hagee, who asked for his help in launching CUFI. Brog saw it as an opportunity to change the way Israel was viewed in Congress as just a Jewish issue and to broaden the base of support for Israel.

At the time, the Republican Party was at a crossroads, with foreign policy isolationists Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul attracting a lot of conservative support that could have influenced the party’s stance on Israel. Brog and Hagee saw it as their mission to build evangelical support for Israel as a way to win over conservatives for at least a generation. CUFI now has over 10 million members and has successfully lobbied for pro-Israel legislation, including the passage of the Taylor Force Act, which cuts off US funding to Palestinians as long as the Palestinian Authority provides subsidies to families of terrorists.

In July 2015, Brog left CUFI and was hired to lead a new group called Maccabee Task Force, an initiative started by the late Sheldon Adelson and Israeli-American media mogul Haim Saban, to combat anti-Semitism on campuses. academics. Brog said Adelson was committed to providing students with the support and resources they need to fight anti-Semitism and took it as a personal project.

Brog is still chief executive of the Maccabee task force, with the blessing of Dr Miriam Adelson, and has said he will take time off if he wins the primaries and the campaign heats up.

Brog wants to become a leading voice on Israel in Congress

Brog said he brings a lifetime of dedication and deep knowledge to spearhead pro-Israel causes. “I don’t just want to be a friend of Israel,” he said. “I want to be a leader over Israel and a champion of Israel.”

He said both sides lack people who understand the issues enough and have the ability to get into the details of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so they can fend off anti-Israel statements and organize their caucuses to defend Israel when needed. . “We have to be very quick to reach out and expand our coalition to all people of good will who love Israel and hate anti-Semitism,” he said.

He looks at Ritchie Torres, a first-term progressive congressman from New York who became a leading voice on Israelas a potential friend in Congress.

David Krone, head of global public policy for Apollo, said he found Brog a key ally in an attempt to convince House Republicans to support legislation known as the Awareness Act. anti-Semitism that the Senate passed in 2016. The bill was blocked in the House by former Rep. Bob Goodlatte, then Chairman of the House Judiciary. Brog introduced Krone to the management of CUFI who joined in support of legislation which later became the federal definition of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) combat anti-Semitism on campus.

Krone described Brog as “a thoughtful curator” who “will sit down and talk to people and listen to them”. He said it’s a qualification you “can’t ask for more than that” and that’s what’s lacking in America.

Brog said he was not actively seeking Trump’s endorsement in the primary, but would welcome it if granted. He said he supported Trump’s policies and gave him credit for leading the Republican Party in the direction he wanted to see, standing up for the working class. But Brog has made it clear that he has a very different personality from Trump. “I’m more of a consensus builder and I don’t like attacking people,” he said.

Brog said he told his wife he wanted to be a congressman, “but I don’t want it enough to compromise my family, my faith, or my integrity.”

]]> Wisconsin anti-abortion group is victim of arson, authorities say Sun, 08 May 2022 22:38:47 +0000

The headquarters of an anti-abortion group in Madison, Wis., was set on fire Sunday morning in an act of vandalism that included the attempted use of a Molotov cocktail and graffiti reading ‘If abortions aren’t not sure, then you are not”. t either,” according to police.

No one from the group, Wisconsin Family Action, was in the building at the time, and no injuries were reported. Although the Molotov cocktail thrown through a window did not ignite, the vandal(s) started another fire nearby, authorities said. The fire burned part of a wall.

The Madison Police Department did not say if it made any arrests or if more than one person was involved.

“We have notified our federal partners of this incident and are working with them and the Madison Fire Department as we investigate this arson,” the department said in a statement.