Godlewski campaign: Sees growing momentum five weeks before August primary

With five weeks until the Aug. 9 primary, the campaign of Sarah Godlewski, Wisconsin state treasurer and U.S. Senate candidate, has seen a surge over the past seven days, putting her in the spotlight as the race to unseat Senator Ron Johnson enters the home stretch. Here’s what race watchers need to know:

  • The SCOTUS ruling shakes up the Democratic primary in favor of Godlewski — Godlewski is the only woman in the race and the only candidate to have prioritized reproductive freedom since entering the race last spring.

  • Godlewski’s speech at the State Convention and his focus on abortion rights received rave reviews as “the best” of all the primary candidates from voters and race watchers.

  • A fictional poll conducted by WisPolitics at the Wisconsin Democratic Party State Convention showed that Godlewski “actually relatedwith Mandela Barnes among the Democratic stalwarts and core primary voters.

  • Godlewski’s campaign had its best 72 hours of individual donations ever.

  • Godlewski has won some tough races before – she has faced Scott Walker and his pals as “political stranger,toppling nine Trump counties and taking more votes than the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general in a landslide victory for the Treasurer’s Office in 2018.

As the race draws more and more attention from voters and national media, Godlewski’s campaign stands out among the rest of the pack. As the only woman in the race, she uniquely positioned herself as the leading contender on the issue of abortion rights.

Last fall, Godlewski’s campaign spear its first six-figure early voter contact digital campaign with a reproductive rights-focused ad called “After Thought.” Following the leak of the draft notice in May, Godlewski was the first in the country to launch a television ad responding to the decision, filmed on the steps of the Supreme Court.

With the fall of Roe, Sarah was Wisconsin’s leading voice:

  • Channel 3000: “US Senate candidate Sarah Godlewski was in Madison to hold a rally [on Monday] on the issue of abortion.

  • WPR: “Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski said in a statement, ‘(i) it’s time to take action, to step up and take back our rights and freedoms.’

  • WKOW: “‘It’s horrible to think that I went to bed last night and today I have less rights than I did yesterday,’ said Sarah Godlewski, Wisconsin Treasurer and U.S. Senate candidate.”

  • POLITICS : Sarah Godlewski: “We should have codified this a long time ago. And I think that comes down to saying we need more pro-choice female Democrats, because they would prioritize getting this done.

  • CBS News: “And in the crowded Democratic primary to take on the GOP Wisconsin, Sen. Ron Johnson, the only woman in the race, Sarah Godlewski, released a filmed ad outside the Supreme Court promising to protect reproductive rights.”

  • Axios: “‘We are now sending the women back to 1849,'” Sarah Godlewski, Wisconsin state treasurer and one of the Democrats seeking the nomination to challenge Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), told Axios.

  • Ceiling hours: “Wisconsin Treasurer Sarah Godlewski said the decision to overturn Roe shows the High Court believes ‘that politicians should make health care decisions and that we should no longer have the freedom to procreate’ .”

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is devastating news for women in Wisconsin and across the country, and polls show she’s changed the dynamics of this race. The June Marquette Law School Survey show that abortion is a priority issue for Wisconsin voters, with 58% of respondents saying they are very concerned about abortion policy. Godlewski’s own internal poll also shows the power of abortion rights in this race: 80% of Democratic primary voters said it makes them more motivated to vote in the August primary, which is largely led by women, 75% of whom say it does makes them much more motivated to vote compared to 52% of men.

Residents of Wisconsin are noticing Sarah’s push:

“In other words, the straw poll deserves attention, as does Godlewski’s strong performance. Along with Barnes, she emerged last week with serious bragging rights in what remains an open race that any top Democrat could win.

Godlewski has been sounding the alarm about threats to reproductive rights for months, and she made the Supreme Court ruling the centerpiece of her speech to the Convention in La Crosse on Sunday. While all of the candidates discussed the implications of the decisions, Godlewski’s speech stood out to observers:

  • ABC 2’s Jason Zimmerman: “I think Sarah Godlewski had the best convention by far. She made a really good play on that because she’s the only woman in the Senate race and she really played that…I think that’s the really energized, it energized her fans. She had a lot of people in the audience with signs, applauding her. Obviously a good convention for her.

  • ATM4: “State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski is the only woman in the U.S. Senate Democratic primary and spoke immediately about the need for the Senate to protect abortion rights. “That’s one of the reasons I’m running for the US Senate, because I’m sick of this body (the Senate) treating our reproductive freedom like it’s some kind of extra credit,” Godlewski said.

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “‘I’m pissed because we’ve had 50 years to codify this into law – but the Senate hasn’t prioritized reproductive rights,'” Godlewski said… In his speech, Godlewski highlighted his Wisconsin roots, the push to save the treasurer’s office and then win the seat.

Last week, Dr Kristin Lyerlya Green Bay obstetrician-gynecologist and former candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly also lent her support to Godlewski’s campaign.

Oh and did we mention that Bon Iver, Grammy Award-winning indie bandoriginally from Eau Claire and whose members attended the same high school as Godlewski, endorsed his campaign for the US Senate today?

It’s clear that what Godlewski is doing on TV, online and in the field is working. As this race continues to tighten, our campaign builds the momentum we need to win.

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