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By Kenneth UdeAbuja

A The pro-democracy group, Progressive Movement for Better Nigeria, aiming to enlighten the electorate on participation and the need to vote for the right candidates, has presented a Progressive Leadership Award to Chief Senate Whip, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu .

The group focused on mobilizing young Nigerians to make better choices among those aspiring to political office in the 2023 general elections and presented the award to Senator Kalu during its national summit held in Abuja yesterday.

The ceremony brought together thousands of diverse youth groups from all 36 states of the Federation who converged on the Nippon Grand Hotel, Abuja, the venue for the event.

Giving the reasons for choosing Senator Kalu, who represents Abia North, for the prestigious award, the national coordinator of the group, Mrs. Stella Njideka Ezeh, said the group was motivated by Kalu’s track record in the Senate during his first term, highlighting the number of infrastructure projects, bills and motions that Kalu had facilitated and initiated for his constituency.

“We have followed your track record as one of the very few Nigerians to do great things in politics to make our society and our country better. It is in this light that we have found you worthy of to be our patron and a special guest of honor at this national summit.

“Your presence will provide us with an opportunity to learn from your rich experience on how to engage people at the grassroots to play their role of civic responsibility for a better Nigeria,” the coordinator said.

Stella highlighted that the group is committed to mobilizing and inspiring citizens to exercise their right to vote at the grassroots and in urban areas, revealing that the group has established operational offices at the state level, with coordinators in LGAs and wards for easy access to all eligible voters in the country.

Apart from presenting Kalu with the leadership award, the group also bestowed the former governor of Abia with their big boss.

Appreciating this recognition, Kalu, who was represented by his Senior Legislative Assistant, Dr. Oko Obasi, spoke about his slogan “Keep Hope Alive”, which he said translated to his democratic efforts.

The Chief Whip reiterated his belief in the country’s potential, which he said has been demonstrated by its huge business, educational and political investments in Nigeria, pointing out that as the first senator he has so far in three years. has sponsored 51 bills which he says are poised to build a better Nigeria.

He said: “Among the 51 bills that I have sponsored are the National Food Bank Bill and the National Tax Crimes Commission Bill and these two bills. law are legacy bills of building a better Nigeria.

“Most politicians talk about the next elections, but Orji Uzor Kalu talks about the next generation. Thanks to the national food bank bill, our national food crisis will be solved. More importantly, it would enable Nigerian graduates, mostly young people, to obtain loans from the bank with their certificate as collateral.

“We hear from political candidates talking about doing a lot of things if elected, but with all due respect to my colleagues, most don’t answer the question of how they intend to get funding for the projects.

“The National Tax Crimes Commission bill, the bill provides the nation with much-needed revenue. Currently, taxes generate 60% of the country’s national income, far more than what we earn from crude oil.

“We need the National Tax Crime Commission to make sure no revenue is lost. This will ensure that we earn much more income than what we currently earn.

Kalu expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the award and reassured his commitment to national development, especially among the youth.

Kalu’s tenure in the 9th Senate since his inauguration in 2019 has been characterized by obtaining numerous awards.

Twice in a row, the senator from Abia North received the “Best Overall Senator” award in Constituency Projects, Human Relations awarded to him by the Senate Press Corps.

Followed by facilitating empowerment and infrastructure projects in his constituency, Kalu was also honored with the prestigious “Honorary Fellowship Award” by the Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria (CIPMN).

Similarly, in recognition of his efforts to deliver the dividends of democracy to his constituents in less than a year in office, Southwest magazine First Alert awarded the Chief Senate Whip Nigeria’s Top Performing Senator.

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