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A leader of a pro-Chinese business group with ties in the administration Biden appeared at the recent Chinese Communist Party’s “democracy summit”, where he unabashedly praised Xi Jinping’s regime.

Kenneth Quinn, a former American diplomat who now serves as strategic advisor for the American association Heartland China, appeared virtually at the “International Forum on Democracy: Shared Human Values” in China. The propaganda event was aimed at countering the ongoing US “Summit for Democracy”, which is underway assisted practically by more than 100 countries.

“I am now very happy to have been invited to participate,” exclaimed Quinn, who has been called “strategic advisor to the United States” by the Chinese. managed by the state China Global Television Network. “And I’m speaking to you from Des Moines, Iowa, the state that has twice hosted President Xi Jinping here, and I had the great honor of welcoming President Xi when he spoke. at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates in 2012. “

Quinn’s USHCA regularly associates with organizations linked to the CCP’s United Front, ChinaXi Jinping’s weapon of foreign influence, described by Xi as a “magic weapon”. The Biden administration brought in two of USHCA’s top advisers, Reta Jo Lewis and Mitch Landrieu, to lead the Export-Import Bank and serve as infrastructure czar, respectively.

Quinn’s praise for Xi and the CCP extended to honor the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China being replaced by Taiwan in the United Nations and the 30th anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement on the Cambodia, which he said showed “how China and the United States, in promoting democracy, democratic elections, brought relief and peace to a country plagued by conflict.” “


Quinn quoted a speech by Xi in which the Chinese leader said, “Peace and development are our common cause, fairness and justice our common aspiration, and democracy and freedom our common pursuit.”

But Quinn avoided topics such as China’s dismal human rights record, including the alleged genocide in the Xinjiang region, the crackdown on Tibet, and the current threats against Taiwan.

The purpose of the event as a counterattack to the US pro-democracy event was made clear on Sunday when the Chinese Foreign Ministry released a lengthy anti-US message. controversy alleging widespread deficiencies and abuses of democracy in the United States, as well as the harm caused by the export of such democracy. “

“We hope that the United States will face its democratic flaws, improve its democratic system and stop the mistaken act of exporting its so-called democracy,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said. . noted Monday.


Quinn is not just any USHCA advisor. The pro-Chinese group recently profile of Quinn, as well as a day of more than an hour interview with him, naming him the “first member of our Heartland Bridge Builder Hall of Fame”. USHCA favors Quinn’s media interviews, touts his role within the group and price he receives, and the city in its press releases.

Quinn has repeatedly boasted of being called an “old friend” of China and Xi and said that the first appeal that the new Chinese ambassador to the United States made to any American outside the United States government was for him.

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