Human Rights Campaign endorses re-election of Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist of Michigan

Human Rights Campaign Acting President Joni Madison released the following statement:

“Governor Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist have been strong and effective allies for Michigan’s LGBTQ+ community and we are proud to support them in their re-election. During her first days as governor, Governor Whitmer signed an executive directive to strengthen prohibitions against LGBTQ+ discrimination in state employment, contracts, and service delivery. Additionally, Governor Whitmer signed an executive directive prohibiting the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services from using state and federal funds for the dangerous practice of so-called “conversion therapy.” Together, their many equality achievements, in addition to their ongoing commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, have helped make Michigan a safer and fairer place for everyone. We will work to ensure that Governor Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist can continue to have a positive impact through their leadership.

Amritha Venkataraman, Michigan State Director of the Human Rights Campaign, released the following statement:

“HRC understands the importance of electing pro-equality candidates to advance LGBTQ+ rights across the country. We are committed to mobilizing our members and volunteers to ensure that LGBTQ+ allies and advocates, like Governor Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist, can use their power in office to promote legislation and policies that protect and empower the LGBTQ+ community.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin released the following statement:

“We are bringing people together to build a state where everyone can reach their full potential – by creating well-paying jobs, investing in education, strengthening our infrastructure and securing basic rights,” Governor Whitmer said. “All Michiganders deserve to live like themselves, and I am fighting to protect the LGBTQ community from discrimination by expanding the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. I am proud to have the support of the Human Rights Campaign as we move Michigan forward.

A record as equal champions

Following a successful campaign and previous HRC endorsement in 2018, Governor Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist have exemplified a strong commitment to protecting and safeguarding Michigan’s LGBTQ+ community. Governor Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist have prioritized the fight against injustice and are valuable allies in the fight for equality. In 2019, Governor Whitmer signed a executive directive strengthen protections against discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation in public employment. More recently, Governor Whitmer signed another executive directive prevent the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services from using state or federal funds for conversion therapy for minors. Beyond passing pro-equality legislation, Governor Whitmer called on the state Legislature to send him a bill expanding the protections against discrimination in the Elliot Civil Rights Act. Larsen to explicitly include sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. She then filed a amicus brief with the Michigan Supreme Court arguing that the wording of the Elliot-Larsen civil rights law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Governor Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist released an annual report proclamation marking June as Pride Month for the state. Additionally, Governor Whitmer was the first Governor of Michigan to display the Pride Flag on a Michigan State building in 2019. Governor Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist have worked hard to defend and protect the community. Michigan LGBTQ+ and cemented their reputation. as strong and effective allies.

HRC’s Commitment to Michigan

Equality voters, including Michigan’s 1.1 million, are a demographically and geographically diverse voting bloc of Americans who are united by the advancement of LGBTQ+ equality. Equality Voters are younger, more racially diverse and more female than the general electorate, they recognize and trust the HRC brand, and they are more likely to identify with issue-specific organizations than to candidates or political parties. The HRC helps inform these voters about the candidates by keeping them up to date with the political, legislative and LGBTQ+ news found here.

Across the country, HRC PAC works every day to elect pro-equality leaders who support policies that will support the rights and lives of LGBTQ+ people. During the 2020 election cycle, HRC field staff recruited 5,800 individual volunteers across the country who completed 28,500 hours of voter contact in over 2,650 volunteer events. HRC engaged in strong digital and online GOTV efforts, including sending over 2.7 million person-to-person text messages, a massive increase from 2018 when approximately 500,000 text messages were sent . The HRC sent over 2.5 million letters, had over 930,000 phone conversations with voters and engaged over 200,000 voters through the HRC Voter Dashboard at

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