Illinois voters must decide whether to sit in Congress | Illinois

(The Center Square) — Voters in Illinois decide on Tuesday who they will send to Washington, DC to represent them in the U.S. Congress.

Illinois has several close races for seats in the United States House of Representatives.

Illinois’ 6th congressional district includes incumbent U.S. Representative Sean Casten, D-Downers Grove and Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau. Pekau and Casten have different views on several pressing issues, including abortion.

Casten spoke at a September Planned Parenthood event in Aurora to support women’s access to abortion. He said Illinois is an example of what to do when it comes to abortion care.

“We find ourselves in Illinois as a bastion of a state that is doing the right thing,” Casten said. “Where people are flocking to our borders, straining our public health workers because we are good, decent people.”

Pekau previously told The Center Square that he does not support lax abortion regulations.

“I am pro-life. I was adopted seven years before Roe v. Wade, and the most loving act of my life was a 15-year-old daughter who carried me to term and gave me adoption,” Pekau said.

Pekau also said his opponent misrepresents his stance on abortion in campaign ads.

“If you look at the ads he ran against me, they’re all fake,” Pekau said. “He claims that I don’t believe there should be exceptions for mothers’ lives, that I don’t believe in exceptions for rape or incest, and I just told you that’s not true .”

Democrat Nikki Budzinski, a labor activist from Peoria, and Republican Regan Deering, an educator, small business owner and active philanthropist from Decatur, both won their primaries in June for the chance to represent the 13th congressional district. newly fired in Illinois.

Both candidates have earned endorsements from different law enforcement groups in Illinois.

“I am proud to report that along with our more than 34,500 members whom we represent … we unanimously endorse Regan Deering as the U.S. Congressional nominee for the 13th Congressional District,” said Chris Southwood, President of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police last month.

Earlier this year, the Police Benevolent & Protective Association of Illinois announced its support for Nikki Budzinski. PBPA President Sean Smoot released a statement supporting Budzinski and his campaign.

“Nikki Budzinski has won the support of the PBPA of Illinois because she will champion security and law enforcement training in Washington,” Smoot said.

Voters will also decide who will hold a U.S. Senate seat up for grabs. The choice between incumbent Democrat Tammy Duckworth, elected to the Senate in 2016 after serving four years in Congress, and GOP candidate and lawyer Kathy Salvi.

Duckworth spoke at a Democratic rally in Springfield on Monday and said Republicans have no answers to the problems.

“They say we have an inflation problem, they complain and whine about it, but not a single Republican has found a solution other than tax breaks for the rich,” Duckworth said.

Salvi claims that Duckworth supports the wrong people.

“Tammy Duckworth is just a rubber stamp,” Salvi said. “Who does she answer to, not the voters of Illinois, not the businesses of Illinois, not the workers of Illinois and their starving children in the classroom. No, she answers the left-progressive minority wing of her party and to all the big cats in Washington who fund her.”

Libertarian US Senate candidate Bill Redpath is also on the ballot.

Illinois’ midterm general election will be held on Tuesday.

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