Inhofe joins bicameral legislation to allow pregnant mothers to receive child support

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) joined the bicameral legislation, the Unborn Child Support Actled by Sen. Kevin Cramer (RN.D.) and Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.-04), to give mothers the option of receiving child support payments while pregnant.

I’m proud to join Senator Cramer in introducing the Unborn Child Support Act and staying true to what it means to be pro-life: protecting life from conception. » Inhofe said. “Mothers should have the opportunity to receive court-ordered child support well before birth and this bill is a first step in giving them and their unborn children the support they deserve. .”

The Alimony for unborn child The law allows a court, in consultation with the mother, to award child support payments while the child is still in the womb and retroactively to the point of conception as determined by a doctor. This too:

  • Provides flexibility for mothers who do not want father involvement by not requiring these mothers to receive child support.
  • Requires judges to consult with mothers on payment plans and gives mothers discretion on whether to award child support payments retroactively.
  • Mandates that all paternity tests are at the discretion of the mother and not carried out if the test would put the child at risk.

“Caring for the well-being of our children begins long before a baby is born. It starts at the first moment of life – conception – and fathers have obligations, financial and otherwise, during pregnancy. Mothers should be able to access child support as soon as they are caring for a child. Our bill makes it possible,” said Cramer.

“Life begins at conception, and this bill is a simple first step toward updating our federal laws to reflect that fact. We hope Democrats will join this bicameral effort to provide mothers with child support while their child is in the womb,” said Johnson.

Join Sens. Inhofe, Cramer and Rep. Johnson are Sens. Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.), Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), James Lankford ( R-Okla.) and Roger Wicker (R-Miss.).

“Parents know that the cost of raising a child begins long before birth, and fathers must take responsibility,” Daines said.

“I hope good legislation, like the Unborn Child Support Act, will get more support now that the Dobbs decision encourages us to think more seriously about supporting mothers and their unborn children,” said Hyde-Smith. “This legislation would help ensure that women have the opportunity to receive child support payments from the earliest days of pregnancy.”

“During pregnancy, women take on the responsibility of protecting another human life, and it is important that it is supported in all aspects,” said Blackburn. “This legislation will help ensure that an expectant mother has access to the financial resources she needs to care for herself and her unborn child.”

“No mother should have to worry about taking on the sole responsibility of caring for her child. Supporting a child should begin at the time of conception, when life truly begins. This good bill ensures that federal law reflects this important principle,” says Scott.

“Now that decisions regarding the protection of life have been made to the elected representatives of the people by the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Oklahoma and other states have rightly defended life and outlawed all elective abortions while taking action to support pregnant women and families,” Lankford said. “Dads need to step in and provide for their children. Period. Our bill helps mothers in every state have access to child support throughout their children’s lives, not just after they’re born. »

The Unborn Child Support Act is supported by Susan B. Anthony List, March for Life, Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America.

“In the new Dobbs era, our policies should reflect the science that life begins at conception and the reality that women and families start making plans long before a child is born. From the moment a woman learns that she is pregnant, throughout her pregnancy and after the birth of a child, she should receive the support she needs to care for herself and her baby,” said the Hon. Marilyn Musgrave, vice president of government affairs for SBA Pro-Life America. “We thank Senator Cramer, Congressman Johnson and their colleagues for recognizing the critical and life-saving difference a father’s support makes and for calling on men to greater responsibility in helping mothers choose life for their children.”

“At Concerned Women for America, we believe that life begins at conception and we are proud to support the Unborn Child Support Act. This legislation recognizes the sanctity of human life and encourages mothers to choose the life by allowing women to receive alimony during their pregnancy. We must continue to fight to protect the dignity of every human being and ensure that we support mothers in this process,” said Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America.

A recent poll from the Bucknell Institute for Public Policy shows popular support for child support payments to start at conception.

Read the full text of the bill here.

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