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Companies and nonprofits that criticize successful American tech companies have united to push you and Congress to support unjust legislation. The group of institutions held an “Antitrust Day” on April 4, 2022, hoping to use the campaign as a day of action to pressure lawmakers to do the wrong thing and regulate tech companies mindlessly.

These critics claim that big tech companies exploit their status and influence to “undermine human rights, distort democracy, abuse personal data and stifle competition.” But truth be told, the bills they advocate – the Open App Markets Act and the American Innovation and Choice Online Act – are invidious to consumers and create harm in addition to being unfair and biased against technology. American.

The group launched a misguided campaign to facilitate emails and appeals to members of Congress urging them to pass the two antitrust laws. In response, an opposing group of pro-American, pro-innovation businesses and nonprofits came together to push back and “defend America’s competitive advantage” on April 4, 2022. They highlight how both bills weaponize antitrust law to unfairly punish big tech companies for simply having successful pushbacks.

We deserve fair antitrust laws that don’t harm innovation or harm consumers. “Antitrust Day” has promoted bills that aren’t the answer. Members of the public and members of Congress need to step back and consider the legitimate concerns associated with promoting targeted antitrust legislation on big tech.

Jake Daybell, Springville


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