Lobby group calls for boycott of The Crown ahead of premiere

Hours before the long-awaited premiere of the Netflix blockbuster’s final season The crown finally falls, the Australian Monarchist League has issued a stern call to boycott it and the streaming giant due to “inaccuracies”.

fans of The crown have waited nearly two years for season five, which will focus on Queen Elizabeth’s reign throughout the 1990s – a troubled period of growing unpopularity, the breakdown of royal marriages and the devastating fire at Windsor Castle .

It was a difficult time – the late Queen even described 1992 as her “annus horribilis” (Latin for “horrible year”).

Correct the recording

With the new series releasing in Australia later on Wednesday, the AML has also been in the spotlight, with a stark statement.

The AML is a voluntary pressure group whose campaign committee is headed by former federal government minister Eric Abetz. It is dedicated to the maintenance of the British monarch as the head of the Australian state.

“Lies and inaccuracies, especially about His Majesty the King…broadcast…will lead monarchists and sensible people to withdraw their support for the programme. [sic] and Netflix as a whole if the platform does not act to correct the record,” Chairman Philip Benwell warned.

“It’s one thing to create a clearly fictionalized narrative such as Robin Hood, but it’s quite another to deliberately construct a series that includes lies and inaccuracies about people who are still living.”

“So we have launched a protest and if Netflix does not issue a definitive disclaimer we will launch a campaign asking the monarchists to end all association with Netflix,” he told his followers via email. mail.

It is unclear whether the AML actually saw any of the The crownthe latest episodes of – although the upcoming series has been marred by controversy.

Britain’s Royal Publisher Mirror newspaper, Russell Myers, has already binge-watched the series. He described it as “uncomfortable viewing”, especially as the new king is riding a “wave of popularity” in Britain.

However, he said the new season “brings The crown to life” and offered a deeper understanding of how the royal family was perceived during that decade.

“It’s like today, everything we know about the royal family, especially the relationship between [then] Prince Charles and Diana.

“It’s absolutely explosive, [Australian actress] Elizabeth Debicki is masterful in her interpretation [of Diana].

“There’s drama, intrigue, deception,” he told Nine’s extra today.

Ahead of the first episode at 5 p.m. Wednesday (AEDT), the cast “dazzled” at the red carpet world premiere in London.

Fact or fiction – either way it’s ‘toe curling’ stuff

The AML remains very concerned by widespread reports that the new series features “a totally false conversation between the then Prince of Wales (now King) and then Prime Minister Sir John Major about the abdication of the queen, arouses great concern”.

“Even before Sir John issued a statement saying that this fictitious conversation was ‘a bunch of malevolent nonsense’, it is fundamentally clear that Prince Charles would never have spoken about the Queen’s abdication,” he said. -he declares.

“He, more than anyone, knew that because of the oath Her Majesty had taken at her coronation, she would never abdicate, because the pledge she had made was for life.

The crownis Charles and Diana in happier times. Picture: Netflix

The whispered scene also drew fire from actor Judi Dench, who wrote to The temperature complaining about the “gross sensationalism” of Netflix. This prompted Netflix to finally relent and agree to add a disclaimer, warning viewers that the show is a “fictional drama based on real events”.

The disclaimer appears below the YouTube trailer for the fifth series and on Netflix’s title synopsis page.

Netflix told BBC News The crown “has always been presented as a drama based on historical events”.

Either way, Australia’s monarchists have accused Netflix of being “negligent in their duty to the public by failing to provide any kind of specifics about these ‘real life events’.”

“Masses of people” would leave Netflix unless the record is corrected, AML said.

Australian Elizabeth Debicki will be seen as Princess Diana for the first time in the new series. Picture: Netflix

By contrast, according to Myers, series five offers — overall — “a vision” of how the royal family was perceived in the 1990s.

“The Queen had a hard time in the 1990s. She had the breakdown of her children’s relationships, and that even before Diana’s death, which will be dealt with in series six,” he said.

“The Queen had to come from a position of fighting for her reputation and the reputation of the monarchy.

Myers said The crown was ‘a fictionalized series’ – and that, when approached, Buckingham Palace said it did not comment on fiction.

“The storylines that unfold are absolutely great…but don’t let everything fool you,” he said.

“It’s really uncomfortable viewing…we’re learning [then Prince Charles’] affair with Camilla, we learn of the unfortunate Tampongate.

“It really is a hair curler at times, and the brutality of the relationship with Diana is quite fresh in memory.

“Whether it’s fact or fiction, it’s definitely going to be uncomfortable viewing and uncomfortable headlines,” he said.

Myers feels the show is a “great window into the world and the madness” of the time.

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