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The Longmont City Council has thrown its weight behind various housing bills making their way through the Colorado Legislature.

House Bill 1282 would establish an “Innovative Housing Incentive Program” within the state’s Office of Economic Development.

Companies specializing in 3D printing, tiny home installation, prefabrication and other manufacturing services could apply to the program for grants to cover their capital operating expenses.

Massive 3D printers for building homes have become more widespread across the country, building from scratch with robotic technology, using materials such as concrete and recycled plastic.

If passed, the state will allocate $40 million to the program and then direct those dollars toward completing affordable, energy-efficient housing projects, in particular.

“It’s a really beneficial tool,” Longmont Mayor Pro Tem Aren Rodriguez said at the Longmont City Council meeting on April 12. “I’m very happy that the state is moving forward with this because it will allow us to have much more accessibility to have these programs for potential developers and potential buyers of these homes.”

In addition to supporting the creation of an innovative housing incentive program, Longmont City Council also approved HB 1304, a bill that would create a “Local Transformational Affordable Housing Investment Fund” as well as an “Infrastructure and Strong Communities Grant Program Fund”. within the Treasury.

The bill would allow a portion of the state’s allocation from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to go to local governments and nonprofits working on affordable housing projects and other issues. related to housing.

“Obviously we’re interested,” Sandra Seader, deputy town manager of Longmont, said at the meeting. “It’s a great way to leverage those federal dollars.

The state has a deficit of nearly 121,000 affordable rental units, according to the text of the bill. The average home price in Colorado also increased by 130% from 2011 to 2021, the bill says. According to data from Information and Real Estate Services LLC, Longmont hit a median home price of $675,000 in March, 36.9% higher than March 2021.

Democratic state Rep. Karen McCormick, whose district includes Longmont, signed on as a co-sponsor of both bills that hope to facilitate more affordable housing projects across the state.

Last week, Longmont City Council also approved Senate Bill 160 that would create a revolving loan program for mobile home owners who want to organize and purchase their mobile home parks.

According to the text of the bill, more than 100,000 people live in mobile home parks across the state and often pay high moving costs when a park owner decides to abruptly sell the land on which their home resides. or change its use.

“Helping our aging mobile home parks and our residents who are stuck between home ownership and land rent increases has been a priority for four years and we have never been able to think of a very good way. to do so,” Councilwoman Marcia Martin said at last week’s council meeting. “I categorically propose that we support this program.”

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