Mandela Barnes Campaign Press: What They’re Saying: Mandela Barnes leads fight against Ron Johnson on anti-choice dossier

MADISON— Last week, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate, launched his “Ron versus Roetour, holding Senator Ron Johnson accountable for his work to wrest reproductive freedoms from the people of Wisconsin. This week, Barnes started a new ad underscoring Johnson’s support for an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the woman. The grassroots momentum behind Barnes continues, with the Barnes campaign reporting third quarter fundraising of $20.1 million with nearly half a million individual donations.

While Johnson hides his dangerous anti-choice record, Mandela continues to fight for the people of Wisconsin’s right to make personal medical decisions without interference from politicians.

See what they say:

Ceiling hours: Mandela Barnes launches statewide tour focused on abortion policy

  • Mandela Barnes hits the road – again.
  • The lieutenant governor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate will kick off a statewide tour in Green Bay on Saturday aimed at “holding Ron Johnson accountable for his work to snatch the people of Wisconsin’s ability to access abortion,” said his campaign at the Cape Times.
  • It’s time for Ron Johnson to answer for his record of endangering women and fighting to disenfranchise them“Barnes said in a statement.
  • “Ron Against Roe,” as Barnes campaign marks the tour, comes after weeks of Johnson’s TV ads – in which he attacks the lieutenant governor’s crime record – which have, in part, diverted attention of the US Senate race.
  • Barnes said he believes the access to abortion guaranteed by Roe v. Wade – the former US Supreme Court precedent establishing a constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy – should be codified in federal law. . He also said lawmakers should not interfere with what he sees as decisions that should be made by women and their doctors.
  • The Barnes campaign pointed to Johnson’s past co-sponsorship of several nationwide abortion ban bills and a bill that would have provided constitutional protections to people “at the time of fertilization” as evidence that he is against access to abortion. He also highlighted his decision to sign a amicus briefsupporting a Mississippi law banning abortion without exception after 15 weeks that was challenged in a lawsuit as additional evidence.

Wisconsin Public Radio: Democrats bet new attacks on GOP views on abortion can help Barnes and Evers campaigns

  • On Saturday, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes’ US Senate campaign launched a “Ron versus Roetour of Green Bay with more stops planned for Milwaukee, Racine, Madison and Eau Claire. The Barnes team said the The tour aims to “hold Ron Johnson accountable for his work to snatch the people of Wisconsin’s ability to access abortion.”
  • The “Ron Against Roe” tour coincides with a new Barnes TV commercial attacking Johnson for supporting an abortion ban.
  • “He co-sponsored a bill that makes no exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the woman,” the ad said.
  • [Chuck Chvala] said the election in Wisconsin “is decided in the last two weeks” and believes a redoubled effort to attack Johnson and Michels for their views on abortion can make a difference in the two most high-profile elections in the country. state in November.
  • “At the end of the day, this is more important than all the other minor issues that exist, most of which have very little to do with or are not under the control of a US senator or governor,” Chvala said. . “But what is under their control is giving women back their reproductive rights. And I think that will be a very powerful problem.

UpNorth News: Barnes goes on the offensive against Johnson, emphasizing reproductive freedom

  • Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, is set to launch a statewide tour exposing incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson’s extreme record on abortion.
  • The High Court ruling is extraordinarily unpopular, the latest Marquette University Law School Survey found that just 30% state residents supported Roe’s overthrow, with 63% opposite. Among the self-employed, the divide is even more marked, with barely 28% supporting Roe’s overthrow, and 66%oppose it.
  • Prior to the tour, Barnes released a statement saying, ThisIt’s time for Ron Johnson to answer for his record of endangering women and fighting to disenfranchise them. He supported a no-exception abortion ban that could have put the women and their doctors in jail. Ron may try to lie about his record, but Wisconsin voters know the truth – and we will hold him accountable in November.

Fox 11: Barnes launches tour attacking Senator Johnson’s stance on abortion

  • At a rally of his supporters in Green Bay on Saturday afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes launched what his campaign calls a “Ron Against Roe tour.”
  • “Women are not free to make their own health decisions,” Barnes said, outside the Brown County Democrats’ office. “It was a decision that Ron Johnson celebrated, where he said if women don’t like your state laws like our 1849 criminal ban on abortion, so you can just move on.”
  • “He’s had 12 years to show that he actually cares about women’s health,” Barnes said. ” He did not do it. It is now far too late for him to start trying to do so.

BNC News: Mandela Barnes launches ad targeting Ron Johnson on abortion

  • Democratic Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes launches his first negative announcement of the Wisconsin Senate race on Monday, targeting GOP Sen. Ron Johnson on abortion.
  • “Johnson supported banning abortion,” says a narrator in the 30 second ad, shared first with NBC News. “He co-sponsored a bill that makes no exceptions for rape, incest or a woman’s life. And Johnson said if the women don’t like it, they can move out. The truth is, it’s Ron Johnson who doesn’t belong in Wisconsin.
  • The ad refers to Johnson co-sponsoring the “Life at Conception Actin 2011 enshrining a “right to life or the right to life of every human being born and unborn” in the Constitution and allowing equal protections at the “time of fertilization”.
  • The ad is part of a multi-million dollar campaign and will run on broadcast, cable and digital platforms statewide, according to Barnes’ campaign.

The Times newspaper: As Republicans Focus on Crime, Mandela Barnes in Racine Shows Support for Strikers and Abortion Access

  • Monday, both Planned parenthood and Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes ads launched focused on incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson’s pro-life stance on abortion; Johnson supported the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and also co-sponsored a bill in 2011 which does not include any exception to the ban on abortion.
  • Later Monday afternoon, Barnes joined supporters of “Moms For Mandela” at Littleport Brewing Co., 214 Third Street, for an event that was part of the “Ron Against Roe” campaign tour. Littleport is becoming a hub for Democratic-led political events, having hosted Evers earlier in the campaign.

NC: Wisconsin Democrats attempt to elevate abortion rights issue in competitive Senate and Governor races

  • It was part of a major push by Democrats to try to put the abortion rights debate at the center of Wisconsin’s election this year. Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, the Democrat who challenges Johnson, launched a ‘Ron Against Roe’ tour this week – in reference to the landmark 1973 decision on abortion overturned by Supreme Court decision end of June – with a list of events in which he hammered Johnson on his opposition to abortion rights.

Channel 3000: Barnes’ ‘Ron Against Roe’ tour takes aim at Johnson over abortion

  • Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes stopped in Madison on Tuesday as part of a tour to defend incumbent Senator Ron Johnson’s stance on abortion rights.
  • At Tuesday’s event, part of Barnes’ “Ron Against Roe” tour, the lieutenant governor and Senate hopeful blasted Johnson as “a senator who is determined to take away peoples rights, determined to set us back as a state, as a county, as a society.”
  • Johnson co-sponsored legislation which would prohibit abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. This bill would allow exceptions for rape, incest and to protect the life of the mother.
  • If elected, Barnes said he would work to end the filibuster in the Senate to codify abortion rights at the federal level.
  • He also addressed Extraordinary legislative session on Tuesday morning that Republican lawmakers tossed around without discussion on a proposal that would have started the process of amending the state Constitution to allow residents to nominate their own referendums. Proponents hoped it would put abortion rights directly on voters’ ballots.

NC: First on CNN: Barnes raises more than $20 million in third quarter of closely watched Wisconsin Senate race

  • The Democrat recently launched a statewide tour that the campaign has dubbed “Ron Against Roe,” an effort he hopes will benefit opposition to the June Supreme Court ruling.
  • Marquette’s poll found more than 60% of Wisconsin voters opposed the move. Barnes also rolled out a new ad that attacks Johnson for supporting a bill 2011 which was introduced by Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker who would have enshrined “the right to life” from conception.
  • “It is Johnson’s views that are alarming. Johnson supported an abortion ban, he co-sponsored a bill that makes no exceptions for rape or incest or the woman’s life. And Johnson said if women don’t like it, they can movesays a narrator in a new Barnes ad.

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