Missouri gun group says Greitens should apologize for anti-SAPA rhetoric

“Unforgivable.” This is the message that a gun rights organization is sending to the former governor. Eric Greitens as he criticizes Missouri’s new gun law while candidate for the US Senate.

At the heart of the problem is Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act – nicknamed SAPA – which came into effect in August. He declares federal laws that could restrict the possession of firearms among law-abiding Missourians as “invalid” and restricted law enforcement officers enforce federal firearms regulations that could be considered invalid under the law.

SAPA has gained national media attention, and some prosecutors and law enforcement officials have expressed concern that the law will prevent them from working with federal agents to tackle violent crime – an argument made by Greitens , a Republican, while running for the United States Senate.

“Unfortunately, some of the career politicians and RINOs [Republicans In Name Only] … What they did in this bill was they actually funded the police, ”Greitens said in a recent radio interview, using the pejorative for Republicans who may be considered left.

The former governor continued to argue that police officers were withdrawn from task forces targeting violent criminals

In a long videoAaron Dorr of the Missouri Firearms Coalition pleaded with Greitens to apologize to gun owners and promoters of the Republican bill Rep. Jered Taylor and Senator Eric Burlison, calling his comments “virtually unforgivable.” . Dorr also rebuffed arguments that SAPA funds police or prevents working with federal agents.

“Everything he said about politics was an embarrassment, and it was wrong, and it was a lie,” Dorr said.

Dorr continued to castigate Greitens for failing to advance gun ownership policies during his tenure as governor of Missouri. (Greitens was the 56th Governor of Missouri for a year and a half before he resigned amid campaign funding and allegations of sexual misconduct while facing possible impeachment.)

“For all your fancy campaign videos, Eric, you didn’t do anything for gun owners when you were governor. You did harmful things, in fact, instead, ”Dorr said. “So start by apologizing to everyone for not doing anything when you were able to help us. ”

“Eric Greitens clearly doesn’t understand how important the Second Amendment is to the Missourians,” Taylor said. “He obviously doesn’t understand what SAPA is doing and clearly he hasn’t read it. Greitens takes his arguments from the Democrats.

A spokesperson for the Greitens campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Greitens is one of many GOP candidates to replace incumbent Senator Roy Blunt. Congressman Billy Long, Congressman Vicky Hartzler, Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Senate Speaker Pro Tem Dave Schatz and Attorney Mark McCloskey are also in the running for the GOP nomination.

“The Second Amendment is being attacked by Joe Biden and the attackers on the left,” Long told the Missouri Times. “Recently, Eric Greitens criticized and attacked Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, which protects Missourians from federal excesses and any changes Democrats attempt to make to the Second Amendment. Why does Eric Greitens side with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Liberals on this? I have always protected and always will protect this fundamental right of Missourians. “

On an upcoming episode of “This Week in Missouri Politics,” Schatz said passing SAPA was one of the “top priorities” of the previous legislative session.

“I think it was essential and important that we adopted SAPA. I don’t know how you call it police funding, ”Schatz said.

Schmitt has defended SAPA in his role as Attorney General. He previously said, “The rights of Missourians and Americans to the Second Amendment are enshrined in the Constitution. I will defend these rights at all times.

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