Neguse and Lamborn Representatives Sponsor Legislation to Support Veterans Service ‘Center’


Representatives Joe Neguse, from the 2nd Congressional District of Colorado, and Doug Lamborn, from the 5th Congressional District, co-sponsor the Helping to Liberate Veterans Benefits and Services Act, 2021, or the HUBS for Veterans Act Act of 2021.

the Invoice would help support local “network hubs”, which would allow veterans and military personnel to more easily access the resources available to them by providing services in one place, or hub.


More than 8% of Colorado’s population has veteran status, which is about 20% higher than the proportion of veterans in the United States, according to the Census reporter. There is more of 370,000 state veterans.

“In our district, we frequently hear from veterans who are struggling to access the benefits that have been promised to them or to secure the resources necessary to thrive,” Neguse said in a statement. declaration Last week. “For those who have signed up to serve, we must ensure that we live up to our commitment to ensure access to adequate health care, education services, housing and professional training opportunities upon their return home. . ”

“Many Colorado community organizations have come together to support our veterans by providing a variety of resources and services in one place,” Lamborn noted Last week. “The HUBS for Veterans Act would help support these veteran service organizations so that they can ensure that veterans, military personnel and their families have streamlined access to the essential support they need. “

The Department of Veterans Affairs. (Getty Images)

Legislation, which is directed in the Senate by the senses. Michael Bennet and Mike Crapo, from Idaho, clears a 5-year pilot program to provide matching grants to nonprofit organizations that provide veterans with access to multiple services from one source or a network. hub, according to Lamborn’s press release.

The legislation directs the Department of Labor, in discussion with the Department of Veterans Affairs, to prioritize network hubs that provide vocational training, educational support services, financial services and assistance in accessing benefits administered by the GOES.

The beneficiaries of the bill include any member of the armed forces, any former member of the armed forces and any spouse of a current or former member of the armed forces.

“The HUBS for Veterans Act will advance global services for our local veterans by supporting local network hubs that can assist them with a variety of services,” said Neguse.

Develop pro bono medical care

Neguse has introduced several bills to support veterans in recent months.

In August, Néguse introduced the Veterans Vocational Training Act, which would expand vocational training and placement services for homeless veterans and re-authorize the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program until 2025. In September, Neguse introduced Tax Fairness for Veterans Student Loans Act, which would exempt veterans whose student loan debt has been discharged due to death or permanent disability from the tax liability on their canceled loans.

This month, Neguse announcement a legislative package to ensure that veterans can access health care through the VA. Package includes the Veterans Pro Bono Corps Act, which removes financial barriers for low-income veterans looking to supplement their benefit claims by expanding pro bono medical care, and the Department of Veterans Affairs Processing PTSD Claims Improving Act by 2021, which would improve treatment training for post-traumatic stress disorder treatment in VA.

In addition, Neguse introduced a amendment in the National Defense Authorization Law for Fiscal Year 2022, which was recently adopted in the lodge, which would increase travel allowances for military families attending funerals.

In 2019, Neguse helped secure $ 10 million in federal funding for the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that provides free accommodation to military families while a family member is in hospital.


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