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New Ohio law aims to ban fertilization abortion as a way to protect the unborn child.

Live News said Ohio Law 2363 had the primary goal of “reducing the number of abortions in the United States from 2,363 per day to zero” to protect the unborn child during fertilization. Live Action had an exclusive interview with a representative from Ohio Jena powell, who is one of the authors of the legislation.

As previously stated, Powell introduced Ohio Law 2363 or House Bill 480 with co-representative Thomas Hall to ban abortions in the state for pregnancies of six weeks and beyond. Powell and Hall revealed the bill was in fact modeled after the controversy Texas Heartbeat Act or Senate Bill 8, which allows any citizen to take legal action against the health professional or anyone who helped perform the abortion.

Powell, who has 33 co-sponsors of Bill 2363, revealed that there are 20,000 abortions performed each year in the state. Despite this, she stressed that Ohio is fundamentally a “pro-life state,” as shown by the majority of their constituents supporting a previously passed Heartbeat bill and the general concern of citizens to “protect life in the process. “. She chastised claims by the abortion industry that pro-life lawmakers are only concerned with protecting the unborn child.

“The State of Ohio gives tons of money to the women, families and children in our State. We continue to support Pregnancy Resource Centers, we provide many opportunities, whether it’s of troubled mothers, or young children, in our state. The data would show us that those claims are false. And I understand why the pro-abortion movement means that. But at the end of the day, the statistics, the data, the knowledge are on our side, ”Powell revealed.

“Ohio is a more conservative state for sure, and the people of Ohio see that we not only support mothers and children, but we also seek to protect life in the process,” a- she stressed.

Powell revealed that Law 2363 is a way to “move forward on pro-life issues” for the state, as many advocate life there. She shared her own experience of being a pro-lifer from a large family. Her background actually prompted her to come up with pro-life bills, such as the Heartbeat Bill that she was able to pass before.

“As a female lawmaker in our state, I think it’s crucial that we move forward on pro-life issues. I’m very, very passionate; I’m actually one of seven kids. I grew up in a home that protects life and understands that abortion is wrong, ”said Powell.

“And so for me, being in the legislature, it was exciting to start working on crucial pieces of legislation. We already passed the heartbeat bill in my first term, and that says the time we can see a heartbeat, this child deserves life and to be protected; this is currently being held in court, but what I realized is that if we think life starts fertilization, then we have to keep pushing the ball forward to protect every life, ”she added.

Powell went on to explain that Law 2363 was based on the Arkansas Unborn Child Protection Act and similar legislation passed by other states such as Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas and Utah.

To bolster pro-life efforts, Powell also founded the Ohio Pro-Life Caucus as another step in pushing “pro-life activism” even further. Members of the Ohio Pro-Life Caucus believe passing legislation that supports and protects lives, coupled with increased support for families, women and children, will end abortion with a dual approach .

Powell disclosed plans to bring forward more pro-life laws through caucus, such as those that would help pregnancy resource centers, help “hurt” families and mothers, and “everything.” necessary to “eradicate abortion holistically”.

Live Action founder Lila Rose has spoken out in support of Ohio Law 2363, calling it the “beginning of the end” of abortion in the United States.

“Law 2363 guarantees that no child will be left behind in the face of the abandonment and violence of abortion. We must be absolutely fearless in our efforts to protect these children and their mothers and families from the effects of abortion. “Predatory Abortion Industry. Law 2363 is the beginning of the end of legally sanctioned abortions in America,” Rose said.

Live action spear previously, a campaign of the same name to end abortion in the United States based on the number of abortions performed per day: 2,363. Abortion is currently the leading cause of child death in the country.

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