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A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Equality Development and Research Center (EDRC),
denounced what he called “a high rate of bullying in the country, especially in schools and workplaces by people with extra strength”.

The group’s position is expressed in a statement by its founder, Ms. Marsha Nwanne in Abuja on Friday.

According to her, bullying has become a pandemic in society that needs to be reduced before it causes more harm.

She therefore stressed the need for legislation that would criminalize the act, like any other criminal offense in the Constitution.

Nwanne added that the EDRC is about to start pushing for legislation and will be lobbying lawmakers in that direction to combat the ugly trend.

She listed the effects of bullying on individuals to include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic attacks, depression, lack of concentration,
low self-esteem, suicide and much more.

She said the bullying had caused the regression of many organizations and led to a situation where many employees chose to leave.

The group’s founder added that “the bullying pandemic has caused staff in some organizations to suffer from low morale, low productivity,
loss of confidence, inability to achieve organizations goals and many more.

“Once people realize that what they’re doing is wrong and even experience it, and that it’s wrong on every level, that’s the beginning of the story.

“As an NGO, we have gone a little further to intervene; we have psychosocial support doctors who are willing to work with us and many of them are even volunteers.

“We also have a child psychologist and they are people who intend to break this cycle. Bullying starts at school and moves to workplaces.

“We also have some lawyers, volunteers, who intend to help us defend this cause.”

She said the EDRC would advocate for laws that specifically address bullying and lobby lawmakers on the course.
to push it forward to fight the ugly development. (NOPE)

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