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ROCHESTER – State Senator George Borrello joined Republican Senate Leader Rob Ortt on Wednesday as well as law enforcement officials and victim advocates in denouncing what they called the latest ‘pro-legislation’ legislation. “criminal and anti-victim” to come out of Albany.

On September 17, Governor Kathy Hochul enacted the “Less is More” law and, although the bill did not come into effect until March, ordered the general release of “hundreds of criminals” across the country. State, Republicans said.

“Less is more” prevents newly paroled New Yorkers from being jailed for technical offenses, such as missing a curfew or a meeting with a parole officer. Supporters of the law say the aim is to reduce the number of people in prison for minor parole violations and to avoid prison overcrowding.

But Borrello, joining a press conference in Rochester, called it “astonishing” that despite the increase in crime caused by last year’s bail changes in New York City, Democrats are going. forward with measures such as “Less is More”.

“Innocent New Yorkers, including children, have become the collateral damage of these laws,” Borrello said. “We are here today with our law enforcement partners, victims and victims’ rights advocates to say ‘enough is enough’.

James VanBrederode, chief of the Gates Police Department, said: “The ‘Less is More’ law is not good for Rochester. He cited a case in which a parolee killed a Rochester city police officer.

Ortt said last week the release of criminals in Monroe County sparked outrage from law enforcement officials who were not even informed.

In July, Ortt sent a letter to the Office of Courts Administration (OCA) and the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) requesting a thorough and transparent analysis on the correlation between the changes. New York State Bail Laws Over the 2019-2020 Period. state budget and the increase in violent crime statewide since these laws came into effect on January 1, 2020.

Senate Republicans have introduced legislation requiring the OCA, in conjunction with the DCJS, to collect and publish data to show all of the ramifications of the bail reform law, including:

• The number of people who have been charged with crimes that are no longer eligible for bail, and a breakdown of those charges.

• The number of individuals released pending trial because the offense is no longer eligible for bail and whether the individual has reoffended while awaiting trial.

• The nature of the crimes committed by repeat offenders awaiting trial.

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