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Continuation of part 1:

Frix also said he would like to see compromises between the tribes, state leaders and the state’s congressional delegation regarding the ongoing dispute over the US Supreme Court’s McGirt decision, which found that large swathes of eastern Oklahoma remain reservation land.

“I’m 100% committed to working with all of these groups trying to find common ground, trying to bring people to the table because there’s no way we’re getting 435 members of Congress to vote on this until we get some agreement between our own state here in Oklahoma because this is an Oklahoma only issue,” Frix said.

He said McGirt’s outcome shouldn’t be some sort of “us versus them” battle, but he thinks it’s unrealistic that a congressman could get up there and pass legislation without Oklahomans first be on the same wavelength.

“I am the pro law and order candidate in this race. We need law and order in our state,” Frix said. “But for us to get there, we have to get everyone around the table and find those solutions.”

Frix, who grew up in Muskogee, said he respected and admired his grandfather, who worked hard to build the family business.

“One of the things I admired the most about him was that he was a very good businessman, but he was never ashamed to share the gospel and share his faith,” Frix said. .

He said that with every decision he makes, he tries to put God first. He is a member of First Baptist Church Muskogee.

“We always want to make sure that we spend the appropriate time in prayer, praying for those decisions that affect our state, affect our nation for generations to come,” Frix said.

Charles McCall of Atoka, the Oklahoma House speaker, said he first met Frix when he was running as a Republican for a House seat long held by Democrats. He said Frix had a strong work ethic, the ability to listen to people, and became the first Republican to represent the district in years.

“Avery represents the values ​​of the people of CD-2 very, very well,” said McCall, who also lives in the district. “He listens. I don’t think he gets into ideas or preconceived notions.

McCall said Frix was not an “explosive person” and was a little reserved compared to other public servants, but he always focused on representing and achieving success for his constituents and never did anything in the hope of obtaining credit.

McCall said he also learned that Frix was “a fighter” and was tenacious in pursuing a goal or legislation that would benefit his district.

And, he said, Frix has demonstrated a willingness to act and not accept the status quo.

“I think Avery is trying to find the most conservative way to tackle these issues, but he’s not afraid of big problems and big problems,” McCall said. “And we had some in Oklahoma that he helped take over, and our state is doing very well economically because of some of those tough decisions.”

Janelle Stecklein covers the Oklahoma Statehouse for CNHI newspapers and websites. Contact her at [email protected]

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