Pro-China group waging disinformation campaign against US and Canadian companies: report

China is allegedly waging a false information campaign against the United States and Canada and targeting their companies, calling them ‘environmentally irresponsible’, according to analysts, who also claimed that pro-China groups are not use this strategy only to divert the world from its exploitation of Myanmar’s rare earths, ANI reported.

After the US Department of Defense awarded contracts to Australia’s Lynas Rare Earths Ltd, Canada’s Appia Rare Earths & Uranium Corp, US-based USA Rare Earth and threat intelligence firm Mandiant to establish domestic processing capabilities for light rare earth elements, China noticed an opportunity and launched a false information campaign.

After the Joe Biden administration pushed hard in its strategy to become a major producer of rare earth materials again and crafted a $2 trillion plan to modernize America’s infrastructure and semiconductor industry. China saw this as a US attempt to eclipse Beijing’s dominance in the rare earths market. In response, they brazenly launched his disinformation campaign under the name “Dragonbridege” in the United States and Canada, ANI quoting reported Global strategic view.

Pro-China group is waging fake social media campaign against US and Canadian companies

According to Global strategic view report, the campaign only targeted Lynas Rare Earths Ltd and social media platforms were used to spread misinformation. Various reports quoting experts have raised the issue, stating that a pro-China group is involved in launching propaganda against US President Joe Biden’s Defense Production Act, USA Rare Earth, the pro-democracy movement opposed to Hong Kong, American politics and the COVID -19 pandemic.

However, this time the Chinese government has denied involvement in any disinformation campaign. “The report you mentioned reflects deep-seated ideological biases and double standards,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, adding, “What I mean is that China is a victim of disinformation campaigns.

It is quite clear to the international community who exactly is propagating and spreading misinformation. “From ‘genocide’ to ‘Wuhan virus’, ‘piracy attacks’ to ‘overseas military bases’, ‘there have been far too many false accusations leveled against China’, he added. .

On the other hand, the US Department of Defense has ordered an investigation to uncover the bogus campaign waged by the pro-China group against rare earth mining and processing companies.

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