Pro-Pak Kashmiri diaspora group terribly annoyed by US ‘leave-the-lounge position’

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A group of the Kashmiri diaspora supported by Pakistan and based in the United States is terribly disturbed. Calling himself World Kashmir Awareness Forum, its Secretary General, Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, a controversial A public figure who was sentenced to two years in prison for working as a Pakistani government agent in the United States without revealing his affiliation, sharply criticized the US administration for maintaining a “largely quiet attitude” to the government. Kashmir problem.
Speaking at an Islamic Union conference in Istanbul, Dr Fai said that the position of the United States like that of other Western powers has failed to stop hostilities in Kashmir as the conflict remains. ” unresolved “, leading to a” colossal waste of an arms race “between India and Pakistan, with the presumed potential to jeopardize the fate of” 1.5 billion people in South Asia, or a fifth of the total human race ”. The conference he spoke at was hosted by, among others, the Pakistan Center for Aerospace and Security Studies (CASS).
Suggesting how the United States has changed its position, Dr Fai said that in 1947-48 he defended the position that the future status of Kashmir should be determined in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of the territory while sponsoring resolution # 47 which was adopted by the UN Security Council on April 21, 1948.
He asserted that there was now a “misplaced focus of world powers, including the United States, on the flawed discourse on the” sanctity “of the line of control in Kashmir,” adding: “We forget that this line continues to exist only because of the international agreements that had been concluded between India and Pakistan, with the full support of the United States. “
Calling the line of control “temporary” pending demilitarization of Jammu and Kashmir, and advocating the holding of a plebiscite under “impartial” observers to determine its future, he insisted: “Any kind of agreement obtained to this end, whether by the United States or under its influence, not only will it not last, it will arouse resentment and revolt against any leadership in Kashmir that sponsors or subscribes to it. “
Dr Fai asked himself: “What should be the procedure to bring the Kashmir dispute to a settlement?” For the United States to do it on its own would raise unwarranted suspicion as if it had its own ax to grind. The best way would be for the United States to ask the Secretary-General of the United Nations, with the consent of the Security Council, to engage. ”

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