Pro-worker legislation is the topic of Chicago Local 1487

After a presentation by Jakubowski, members participated in an open discussion. Members could ask and answer each other’s questions and make comments on various topics. Union members have focused on issues such as the vote count of elected officials statewide to ensure the passage of laws such as the PRO Act, the Worldwide Aircraft Maintenance Safety Act , the Abusive Passenger Protection Act and the midterm elections looming next month. Attendees also had conversations about the effect the Supreme Court has historically had on labor and pending cases that can affect the lives of workers across Illinois and the country.

Focusing on Illinois, members discussed the confusion surrounding the referendum vote on Amendment 1, which has been called the Workers’ Rights Amendment. The confusion surrounding this pro-worker amendment that would enshrine the right to organize and bargain collectively in the state constitution stems from the similarity of its name to right-to-work laws found in Surrounding anti-worker states. Members asked excellent questions regarding the information put out by supporters and opponents of the amendment.

“…A few things, like strikes, past law and other rights that I didn’t understand…I have a better understanding of those key topics.” said Dakota Harrison, steward for the ramp. Nick Stanfa, another steward on the ramp, added, “It was informative and tied past and modern politics to contract and work regulations, and how local, federal and court systems of government can affect our contract in the future. “All attendees expressed excitement about bringing this information back to the prep rooms and look forward to future events like this covering other important topics for members.

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