Sanders endorses Turner for Congress

Senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday endorsed Nina Turner’s progressive campaign for the U.S. House seat in Ohio’s 11th congressional district, calling her “a true leader fighting for higher wages, Medicare for All and affordable prescription drugs”.

“Nina knows the job is not just about voting the right way. It’s about leadership.”

“I know Nina and I know her heart,” Sanders (I-Vt.) said of Turner, who co-chaired her 2020 presidential campaign. ‘attack corporate interests that drive up the price of gas, food and just about everything else.”

“Nina knows that the job is not just to vote the right way,” added the senator from Vermont. “It’s a matter of leadership.”

Sanders’ endorsement comes less than a month after the May 3 Democratic primary in Ohio’s 11th, where Turner faces Rep. Shontel Brown less than a year after the two faced off in a heated race for the House seat vacated by Marcia Fudge, the secretary of housing and urban development.

Turner, a former Ohio state senator, argued that the circumstances were different this time around, noting that the 2021 contest was an off-year special election, which likely contributed to the lower rate. of attendance.

Turner also pointed out the business money torrent who flocked to last year’s race in an effort to undermine his campaign and bolster his opponent, who was backed by establishment figures such as House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (DS.C.) and the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“There was a campaign from anyone but Nina in 2021,” Turner said Told BNC News earlier this year. “Some of these forces may still decide to go into this race, but what they won’t be able to do is focus totally [on the Ohio 11th District] because it won’t be the only race.”

Welcoming Sanders’ endorsement, Turner wrote in a series of tweets on Tuesday night that the Vermont senator “ignited a movement in this country that is stronger than ever.”

“This movement continues to fight against special interests that block the president’s agenda and hold back the progress of the poor, working poor and barely middle class,” Turner continued. “For this administration and our party to succeed, we need the ordinary people of this country to succeed. And that requires a leader who will not waver because he takes corporate money, but rather a changemaker and a fighter.”

“I’m running for Congress to be part of a bigger fight,” she added. “A fight against powerful interests that block important laws like a $15 minimum wage, permanent expansion of the Child Tax Credit, Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, the PRO Act, the extension of social security and paid family leave.”

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