School board member wants Anchorage school board to condemn national group over stance on “parents as terrorists”


The National School Boards Association is a federation of state associations of school boards across the United States. Almost all school boards across the country are dues-paying members.

Some school boards are disconnecting from the mothership, after the national group infers that parent activists are national terrorists and need the protection of the federal government from parent protesters. The Pennsylvania School Board Association is the best known, having voted unanimously to leave the national association.

Dave Donley, an Anchorage School District board member, wants the Anchorage board of directors to at least condemn the actions of the National School Board Association. In a resolution to be presented Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. regular school council meeting, the only curator of the Anchorage school board says enough is enough.

Donley says parents across the country have increasingly protested against the policies and practices of public schools, but the vast majority of the protests have been an exercise in free speech at public school board meetings.

The Biden administration’s Justice Department decision to label protesters at public meetings as “terrorists” concerns Donley, who says “the legal conduct of local school board meetings is a local matter and should not be embarrassed by the federal government “.

On September 29, the National School Board Association, citing the Patriot Act, released a letter asking Biden to take federal action against the parents.

“The rationale for federal action included parents posting watchlists against school boards and disseminating misinformation (sic) that the boards were adopting a critical racial theory agenda and working to uphold the e-learning by randomly attributing it to COVID-19, ”says Donley’s resolution.

The national NSBA group’s letter to Biden cited 24 incidents in the country that amounted to domestic terrorism or hate crimes. But, Donley points out in his resolution, “16 consisted entirely of purely verbal exchanges between parents and school board members in which there had never been a threat of physical violence. He believes that local school boards can provide their own safety and that the FBI is not an appropriate tool.

On October 4, United States Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memorandum that appeared to many to threaten parents’ rights to protest.

“While lively debate on policy issues is protected by our Constitution, that protection does not extend to threats of violence or efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views… The Department takes these incidents seriously. and undertakes to use its authority and resources to discourage them. threats, identify them when they arise and prosecute them if necessary. In the coming days, the Department will announce a series of measures intended to deal with the rise in criminal behavior towards school personnel. “

Donley says the short delay between the National School Board’s letter to the president and the action of the country’s top lawyer indicates there was coordination.

He says the normal process for involving the Justice Department would have taken much longer and required further consideration. He said the process had been corrupted due to apparent coordination with a single group.

Donley says that mainstream education and the lobby groups that support the Biden administration, including the National Education Association, “have teamed up to oppress, threaten and intimidate parents in order to cool them down and prevent them from exercising their rights. rights or privileges guaranteed by the Constitution “.

Its resolution proposes that the Anchorage School Board condemn in the strongest terms:

1. Any violence or threat of violence against any public official in connection with his official acts and;

2. Any action by the federal government aimed at usurping the appropriate application of the law by local authorities and;

3. The actions of the National Association of School Boards by sending its letter of September 29, 2021 to the Attorney General and;

4. The actions of the United States Attorney General in issuing his October 4, 2021 memorandum that does not make it clear that the Department of Justice will not use federal law enforcement measures to stifle freedom expression of political opponents to the Biden administration.

Donley is not likely to pass his resolution through the left-wing Anchorage School Board. In recent meetings, board chairwoman Margo Bellamy has repeatedly twisted Roberts’ rules of procedure to prevent Donley from making comments at board meetings. Many members of the public concerned with protecting Anchorage residents have focused on the dramatic events in the Anchorage Assembly, where another group of left-wing lawmakers passed an ordinance making the wearing of masks mandatory in the greater city ​​of the state. Assembly meetings have been rescheduled to the same times as Anchorage School Board meetings, drawing the usual crowds of opponents to increasingly leftist policies, as well as the forced masking of children.

Donley is a former State Senator and State Representative, and is now Deputy Commissioner of the Department of State Administration. He is a lawyer who, from 2003 to 2008, served as the Chief Arbitration and Hearing Officer for the State of Alaska. He was commissioned into the Alaska State Defense Force as a State Military Officer in 2008, reaching the rank of Colonel in 2019.

But he is the only school board member to have resisted the policy of hiding children in Anchorage schools, and he has spoken openly and critically about promoting the Critical Race Theory program in theaters. Anchorage classroom and continuing education materials for educators.

Read the letter from the National Association of School Board to President Joe Biden:


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