Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman and the marijuana giants launch initiative urging Congress to legalize pot

A new push for federal cannabis legalization has emerged in the form of a campaign,Cannabis in common “, launched on Tuesday by a coalition of cannabis advocates, major marijuana companies and celebrities like Seth Rogan and Sarah silverman.

The idea behind the initiative, which is supported by cannabis giants like Canopy growth (NASDAQ: CGC), Curaleaf Holdings (OTCQX: CURLF) and Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON), is encourage voters to reach out to members of Congress and demand action on federal cannabis legalization, reported The Associated Press.

“The legalization of cannabis is long overdue, and if we make enough noise we can make it happen,” said Rogene, who is known to be an avid cannabis enthusiast and co-founder of the cannabis company House plant.

Silverman added, “Americans can’t agree on anything, can they? Fortunately, there is at least one thing most Americans have in common: over two-thirds of us agree that cannabis should be legalized and we have a real chance of getting federal legalization now if we talk about it. . “

Thanks to the launch of the website, cannabis advocates can more easily email or call their representatives in Congress to push for the legalization of marijuana.


As for the cannabis companies, they also have a few tasks to undertake: sending emails to their customers, putting up posters in stores, and providing the necessary information through their apps to get more consumers to join the pot fight. nationally legal.

“Cannabis legalization is a problem with the power to mobilize large numbers of voters, many of whom are often disengaged from the political process. By partnering with celebrities and cannabis-friendly cannabis brands, we hope to gain a critical mass of supporters for legalization. to make their voices heard. It is clear that politicians are far behind voters on this issue. Cannabis in Common aims to change that, ”said Sam D’Arcangelo, director of the Cannabis Voter project at HeadCount, one of the organizations behind the initiative.

Steven Hawkins, CEO of the US Cannabis Council, added, “We couldn’t be happier with the launch of Cannabis In Common. celebrities, cannabis companies and rights organizations, we’re about to reach millions of voters and finally make a difference about cannabis in Washington. “

What’s new in DC?

Just this week Republicans published their proposal to legalize marijuana led by Rep. Nancy Masse (R-SC). The measure, called the State Reform Act, is currently in draft form although a final version is expected to be tabled later in November.

Some cannabis advocates see the new push towards legalization as a smart move as many don’t believe the Democrats’ sweeping bill has a chance of being passed by all houses before being sent to President Joe Biden sign.

While the new proposal is more modest than that of the Democrats, perhaps making it more palatable, the big question remains: Will President Biden change his position? So far, the president has opposed the federal legalization of marijuana, only supporting decriminalization, legalizing medical use and leaving everything else to the states.

Until there, eighteen states have legalized recreational marijuana and up to 37 states now have legal medical marijuana programs.

What do cannabis advocates think of “Common Cannabis?” ”

It seems that opinions are divided on the initiative, which does not relate to a specific legalization proposal. While many nonprofit pro-legalization groups support the new initiative, at least one points to some of its shortcomings.

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), call the campaign too corporate and not dedicated enough to erasing past convictions for marijuana and helping the communities and people who bore the brunt of the cannabis arrests, ”the Associated Press writes.

“For us, it’s not just about getting federal legalization at the finish line”, Maritza Perez of the DPA said. “We have a very specific constituency that we are fighting for, and these are people who have been affected by prohibition.”

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