Singhvi of Congress calls UAPA “extreme” for J&K students reserved for cheering on Pakistan

Top Congressman and three-time MP Abhishek Singhvi on Thursday opposed the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) slap on those accused of cheering on Pakistan after India’s defeat in the T20 World Cup against its neighbors on October 24. charges against elements promoting extreme Pakistan, the AICC national spokesperson insisted that a distinction be made between malicious elements and terrorists. However, he maintained that he unequivocally condemned such activities.

Congress Calls UAPA Extreme For Pak Cheerleaders

In a tweet, expressing his point of view, he wrote that people who engaged in pro-Pakistan slogans and cheers should make everyone angry, and he condemns such acts against the nation. However, he also felt that the people who sided with Pakistan are only “evil elements” and not terrorists, so bringing accusations of UAPA to them is an extreme punishment.

He wrote: “The people who supported Pakistan or cracked India’s defeat must make us angry. I unequivocally condemn it. But slapping the UAPA on them, especially if they aren’t insurgents and terrorists, can be extreme. Democracy must make this distinction.

In another tweet, he further explained that a country should be wary of people who side with a nation like Pakistan which is planning terrorist operations against India and has claimed several innocent lives. Yet he maintained his position in calling the UAPA’s punishment strict, calling those accused “just malicious elements.” “When a nation exists to bleed yours of 1,000 cuts while carrying out overt and covert terrorist operations against you, it makes good sense to be wary of anyone in the country supporting it. However, a distinction must be made between the secessionists and simply the malicious elements, ”Singhvi wrote.

Apart from that, PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti said on Tuesday that Amit Shah’s outreach to Kashmir youth was quashed by J&K police slapping UAPA on students who celebrated Pakistan’s victory over India at T20. Cricket World Cup 2020.

Stating that Shah’s “Mann ki Baat” started with UAPA, she criticized the Centre’s “vindictive” actions. Urging the Center to understand why educated youth choose to identify with Pakistan, she said the Center would alienate them further.

J&K students slapped with UAPA after celebrating Pakistan victory

Social media users shared videos of some GMC and SKIMS medical students on Sunday enjoying the Pakistan cricket team’s triumph over India in the T20 World Cup match. The video shows students shouting “Pakistan Zindabad”, clapping and dancing happily. Following the broadcast of numerous videos, IGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar announced that an FIR had been filed against them, subjecting them to the strict provisions of the UAPA. In addition, the J&K government is looking for students who have performed the Pakistani National Anthem at Government Medical College (GMC) in Karan Nagar, Srinagar.

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