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Congress on social media overdrive in states linked to polls.

Congress is overheating in election-linked states and its social media campaign began with the party team setting up control rooms in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Manipur .

The team formed for each state has already traveled to the capitals of the respective states and started to focus on work, trying to be ahead of the party’s social media campaign.

The chairman of the party’s social media department, Rohan Gupta, said: “Our campaign is run by party volunteers and we have not outsourced it. We are one step ahead of other parties, especially the BJP and the AAP. “

Gupta claimed Congress was ahead of the AAP and BJP in Uttarakhand, Punjab and Goa in social media outreach. The party named Ruchira Chaturvedi for Uttar Pradesh, Hasiba Amin for Goa, Saral Patel for Uttarakhand, Gaurav Pandhi for Punjab and Pranav Vachharjani in Manipur as social media campaign managers. They were given teams to work with them.

Work will shift from state to district and assembly levels and the party is making videos with trending hashtags like #punjabchangasi, #uttrakhandmangejawab and others. The teams have set up dedicated websites to promote the Congress manifesto and collect public feedback.

The social media department has trained office workers in the United States at the booth level and armed them with the latest techniques. It will also endeavor to counter any disinformation campaign on social networks at the very source to curb its spread.

The party has specially designed campaigns and the live broadcast of major programs, speeches and press conferences from party bigwigs like Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, who get good traction and people also interact with social media volunteers.

The congressional social media team has started making videos for advertising purposes and also to counter the BJP narrative, Gupta said.

Congress had launched a “Join Congress Social Media” campaign after which two lakh online “warriors” signed up.

“We all know the government is afraid of social media. Those who are against the government are anti-nationals. Through this, we will give the youth and people of the country a platform to make their voices heard.” , Gupta said. .

Congress is not in power in all states except Punjab and the main rival is the BJP which rules the other states.

Congress launched the social media campaign late, but picked up gradually and now has full-fledged social media teams in the states. It plans to energize the teams at the assembly and stand level.

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