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U.S. Representative Abigail Spanberger, D-7th, and her Republican challenger, Prince William County Supervisor Yesli Vega, both soaked up the sun to participate in the Lake of the Woods Fourth of July Parade in eastern Washington on Saturday. Orange County. The two, no doubt, won’t miss an opportunity to hang out with voters on Independence Day itself.

Spanberger’s march in the LOW parade continues the general election campaign she launched June 25 in Prince William County, Vega Territory, with a “weekend of action.” After Dale City, the two-term MP stormed Culpeper, Orange and Fredericksburg.

Throughout the process, voters have expressed concern over Roe’s overturning by the U.S. Supreme Court, she said in a phone interview Saturday.

But people are also discussing gasoline prices, baby formula shortages, the price of prescription drugs, agricultural and environmental issues, and rural access to high-speed internet – important for agriculture, education and health care – with Spanberger.

“What happens in people’s daily lives, what comes to mind, is always one of the main issues I work on,” she said. “…I have always focused on the bread and butter issues, but not to the exclusion of the larger scale reforms and issues of good governance which I believe are so important.”

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Spanberger noted that one of his first campaign boards, in 2018, pledged not to accept donations from corporate political action committees.

“These reforms really matter to people,” she said. “At the end of the day, if people think ‘Congress isn’t working’ or ‘Oh, what’s the point?’ or “Ugh, all the negativity”, then people turn away from their own civic duty to vote or get involved.

Asked about the ability of US lawmakers to simultaneously tackle tough issues big and small, she replied, “If you can’t, you shouldn’t be in Congress.”

Spanberger cited the national infant formula crisis as an example.

As a mother of three who relied on formula to feed her daughters, she said she immediately understood the dire nature of the emergency.

Spanberger swung into action, calling on White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain to shine a light on the issue and urging the Biden administration to scrap tariffs, invoke the Defense Production Act and import formulas from foreign sources to boost US supply.

Many people called her office about the problem, and reports about it came in from all over the country, she recalls.

The crisis posed serious dangers, Spanberger said. If a 3-month-old baby can’t feed, it affects their brain and body development, she said. And people who say, “‘Just breastfeed your baby,’ are deaf,” she said. “It’s not like you’re just flipping a switch.”

During her town hall call on Wednesday, a woman told her about having to drive 100 miles to get the specialty formula her granddaughter needs, she said.

Spanberger always asks how the crisis happened. If a US manufacturer runs out of equipment to make drugs or insulin, they must raise a red flag with the Food and Drug Administration.

To prevent a childhood emergency from happening again, she introduced legislation with Rep. Dusty Johnson, R.D., to require infant formula companies that can’t fulfill their purchase orders to report the problem to the FDA, just like prescription drugs. drugs.

During the campaign trail last week, many people expressed concern that their freedoms would be curtailed by a US Supreme Court willing to ignore its precedents, she said.

In Orange on Saturday, a man asked her why abortion opponents weren’t just pro-life for themselves, but wanted the government to impose limitations on others.

In Prince William County and Fredericksburg, on Saturday, June 25, two women recounted their very different experiences on the issue, when they were each 18, in the early days after the Roe v. Wade, Spanberger said.

Deciding not to have an abortion, a woman started her family when she was very young and told Spanberger she wanted other women to be able to choose what was right for them, the lawmaker told People at Democratic Committee Headquarters. Culpeper County later in the day.

The other woman said she chose to have an abortion so she could continue her education. She then entered the medical profession. “Her whole career, being able to serve her community, was based on not having to start a family early,” Spanberger said during the Saturday interview.

Asked about Axios report last week that Vega, in a taped conversation in Stafford County, downplayed the likelihood of a pregnancy resulting from rape, Spanberger called the remarks “extreme, blatant, outrageous and not based on fact.” .

“I am a thoughtful legislator who recognizes that everything is complicated and that good politics requires a lot of thought, so I really fear that someone who would make such incorrect and offensive comments, disrespectful towards rape victims, has now thrown his devolved on writing politics for the rest of us,” she said.

On June 25, Spanberger traveled to downtown Culpeper, home of the Orange County Democratic Committee, then spent the afternoon and evening attending the Orange County Fair at Fairgrounds Park. county exhibits.

At Culpeper, she described herself as a legislator committed to working on “issues that matter.”

“I am a legislator who is focused on problem solving, on solving the problems, on the challenges ahead of us,” she told Democrats in Culpeper. “…I work every day to address them head-on.”

She urged her Culpeper-area supporters to celebrate recent successes, whether it’s the House passing a mental health and addictions bill she introduced – the Summer Barrow Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Act – or President Biden’s signing that day of a bipartisan compromise on gun violence “to keep our communities safe”.

The new gun law strengthen background checks on younger gun buyers, further prevent perpetrators of domestic violence from having guns, and help states implement red flag laws making it easier for people to pick up guns. authorities to people deemed dangerous.

On Sunday, Spanberger visited his campaign headquarters in Fredericksburg to encourage dozens of student volunteers eager to survey the homes of townspeople seeking votes for representative from Virginia in the November general election. High school and college volunteers received scholarships in summer of democracya program launched by Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., to train and deploy the next generation of Democratic organizers.

Raskin joined Spanberger in Fredericksburg to inspire students, before everyone else ventured out to knock on voters’ doors. Raskin is a member of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

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