US officially blacklists NSO Group and Positive Technologies

The US Department of Commerce has added the names of four other companies to its famous “entity list”, including that of Israel. ONS Group, and Russia Positive technologies (PT), alleging that they are acting against the interests of national security or the foreign policy of the United States.

Reuters explains that the blacklist restricts engagement between US-based companies and the companies on the list. Specifically, this decision will make it more difficult for the United States. cybersecurity researchers disclose information about computer vulnerabilities with blacklisted companies.

Addition of PT to trade blacklist comes after US Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions on several Russian tech companies, including PT, in April 2021.

The sanctioned Russian organizations have been accused of helping Russian state actors carry out cyber attacks against the West, in particular the Solar winds countryside, something that PT vehemently denied.

From words to deeds

An ONS spokesperson said Reuters that the company was “appalled” by the decision as its technologies “supported US national security interests and policies by preventing terrorism and crime” as it shared plans to lobby for the decision to be overturned .

NSO plans to present information regarding its “rigorous” compliance and human rights programs, which it says have “already resulted in multiple breaks in contact with government agencies that have abused our products,” said NSO spokesperson in a statement. Reuters.

While praising the US government’s efforts to curb the use of spy tools against the good guys, Bill Lawrence, CISO of cybersecurity provider SecurityGate, said TechRadar Pro that the country needs to do some soul-searching and stop “continually trying to install ‘backdoors’ in the electronics of its own citizens.”

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