‘We rank 50th in crime: Zingers by Democrats at Senate campaign forum | Local policy

Gary Chambers Jr., Luke Mixon and Syrita Steib tossed out some choice comments during a Wednesday night campaign forum hosted by Voters organized to educatea New Orleans-based group that lobbies for the government to spend more on creating jobs and educating school children to reduce crime.

US Senator John Kennedy, a Republican re-election candidate, did not attend the event. Mixon, Chambers and Steib are all Democrats. The primary is November 8. Early voting begins October 25.

“We rank 50th in crime, 48th in education, 46th in health care, 47th in economics and 48th in opportunity and 50th in crime. We have a US senator who spends more time on TV talking about crackheads than helping you and me as lawmakers” – Chambers.

Saying he was in favor of legalizing marijuana: “If we can legalize this across the country, Louisiana has a whole bunch of acres of fields where we can grow cannabis and create agriculture in the state and a new path. I see it as a gateway drug to better bridges, better roads, better schools and other things” – Chambers.

On abortion: “I never said I was pro-life. What I said is that I don’t believe in abortion for myself. I had a hard time getting pregnant. My daughter who is here tonight, my wife and I had to conceive her through IVF. I had two miscarriages before. – Steib.

Explaining his opposition to the death penalty: “You can’t be pro-life from birth, but be ready to kill people at the end” – Steib.

Speaking of Kennedy’s recent anti-crime ad: “He runs ads about the severity of the crime, but then votes against the Safeguarding Communities Act. It runs on funding for our police departments. But he voted against $350 billion for community policing when he voted against the US bailout. Don’t believe any of this hateful rhetoric. Everything is noise. He continues to fund the police ”- Mixon.

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